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Marine engineering doesn't just refer to ships and boats but to any sea-going vessel, including oil rigs, subsea and seismic vessels.  The history of marine engineering in fact dates all the way back to the industrial revolution in the early 1700s.  Brown knows marine engineering books.

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ISPS Code Declaration of Security Record Book

The purpose of a DoS is to ensure agreement and understanding between a ship and a port facility or another ship as to the security measures each will undertake in accordance with their respective approved security plans...read more

Keep Your Stern Drive Running: Care and Preventive Maintenance for the Boater

Written specifically for the non-mechanic, this book is the complete survival guide for owers of stern drives of all types and sizes. This is the book that should have come with every stern drive ever sold - but didn't. A...read more

Knight's Modern Seamanship

Steer by this venerable guide to shiphandling and safety and you'll easily see why, since publication of the first edition 83 years ago, it has been the single-most trusted "beacon" for millions of pleasure boaters and...read more

Learn the Nautical Rules of the Road: the Essential Guide to the COLREGs

This comprehensive guide explains the intention of each rule and how it should be applied when at sea.  It is the perfect companion when studying for any nautical exam and contains the COLREGs in full.read more

Liability for Damage to the Marine Environment

Liability for Damage to the Marine Environmentread more

Life-Saving Appliances including LSA Code

Life-Saving Appliances 2010 Editionread more

Limited Master, Mate, & Operator License Study Course Book 1 - Revised Edition "J"

Limited Master, Mate, & Operator License Study Course Book 1 - Revised Edition "J"read more

Limited Master, Mate, & Operator License Study Course Book 3 - Revised Edition "J"

Limited Master, Mate, & Operator License Study Course Book 3 - Revised Edition "J"read more

Liquefied Gas Carriers: Your Personal Safety Guide

Liquefied Gas Carriers: Your Personal Safety Guideread more

Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management

This book offers a comprehensive source of guidance on all aspects of fire hazard management including; the design of liquefied gas ships and terminals, the chemistry of combustion, fire detection, mitigation and...read more

Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals

This book, after two previous editions, is firmly established as the standard text for the industry's operational side. It is an indispensable companion for all those training for operational qualifications and an...read more

Liquefied Gases: Marine Transportation and Storage

This book is a very modest attempt at giving interested parties a brief description of some aspects of the marine transportation of liquefied gases. What are the products covered by the term liquefied gases, what sort of...read more

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sampling Procedures

This document discusses and advises on the following aspects of sampling: basic reasons why cargo samples are taken, open and closed loop systems, types of sample containers, recommended standard sampling connections, and...read more

List of Radiodetermination and Special Service Stations

Includes Recapitulatory Supplements 3 (March 2010) and 4 (November 2010) Nomenclature des Stations de Radioreperage et des Stations Efectuant des Services Speciaux Nomenclator de las Estaciones de Radiodeterminacion y de...read more

Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security

A major focus of this book is the identification of problems that have been encountered, or may reasonably be expected, in developing and implementing the various measures as well as possible ways of overcoming these...read more

LNG Shipping Knowledge

This book is a powerful set of supporting documents to the "LNG Shipping Competency Standards," providing and filling in information that is either not available within the public domain or that is available but...read more

Load Lines

Load Lines 2005 Editionread more

Loss Prevention Guide - A Seafarers Guide to ISM: What have the World Cup and ISM got in common?

North of England has been using catoons in its posters, calendars and presentations for many years with great success. Although the subjects are most serious - Seafarers do tend to have a great sense of humor and appreciate...read more

Managing Risk in Shipping: A Practical Guide

This is the third book in a trilogy aimed at improving commercial awareness and loss prevention in shipping. This book breaks new ground by adopting a common approach to dealing with problems, whether they occur ashore, at...read more

Manual on Oil Pollution Section IV: Combating Oil Spills

Manual on Oil Pollution Section IV: Combating Oil Spillsread more

Manual on Oil Pollution: Section V-Administrative Aspects of Oil Pollution Response

This section is intended to provide the reader, in particular on-scene commanders, lead agencies and others involved in the management of oil pollution response, with an appreciation of the various interests involved in an...read more

Manual on Oil Spill Risk Evaluation and Assessment of Response Preparedness

This manual provides: information on oil spill risk evaluation and assessment for the development of preparedness and response guidance for industry and governments,  particularly those of developing countries, in...read more


Here at last is the long awaited third edition of the worlds most comprehensive electrical electronics handbook for sailors. More and more boaters are buying and relying on electronic and electrical devices aboard their...read more

Marine Electrical Workbook

Provided in this workbook are: over 1400 closed book questions; 28 closed book exams with answers; fuses, electronics and relay questions; general marine questions. Also covered are motors and batteries, safety and first...read more

Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering presents more than twenty years of evolutionary changes in the maritime industry. The book provides a complete review of marine engineering, encompassing both naval and merchant practices and...read more

Marine Mateur Radio: Selection, Installation, Licensing and Use

When you're miles offshore, and the nearest vessel is somewhere over the horizon, you need a fast, reliable, easy to operate communication system. This book provides all the information you need to select, install, and...read more

Marine Oil Spills and Soils Contaminated by Hydrocarbons: Environmental Stakes and Treatment of Pollutions

This book describes the specificities inherent to these two problems: accidental spillage of petroleum or petroleum products at sea ans pollution of soils and groundwater by hydrocarbons. The Author : shows that,...read more

Marine Riser Systems and Subsea Blowout Preventer's

The goal of this book is to explain and illustrate technological advances in a way that can be easily absorbed. The book informs and addresses the logistical and rig challenges operators face when planning and drilling...read more

Marine Terminal Baseline Criteria and Assessment Questionnaire

This book has been published to encourage the uniform assessment of standards of safety and environmental protection at chemical, gas, and oil terminals. The Baseline Criteria are written for the assessment of fixed piers,...read more

Maritime and Coastguard Agency Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen

Maritime and Coastguard Agency Code for Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen - Consolidated Edition 2007read more

Maritime Labour Conventions and Recommendations

This book contains the substantive provisions of 30 Conventions and 23 Recommendations dealing with the conditions of employment of seafarers adopted by the International Labour Conference over three quarters of a century,...read more

Maritime OSHA Regulations from parts 1915, 1917, 1918, 1919 & 1920

As required by the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administrationread more

Maritime Security

Maritime Security is a timely text that is both comprehensive and analytical. It provides an all-inclusive, singular reference on security principles, tactical procedures, management techniques, and legal ramifications for...read more


Some splendid books have been written on the ancient art of wire rope working, the authors mostly deploring that the art is fast nearing extinction. This book is written not for the professional rigger, but for the beginner...read more

MARPOL 73/78 - Annex I (Includes 'Guidance on the Implementation of IMO Model Courses')

Model Course 1.11 - MARPOL 73/78 - Annex I (Includes 'Guidance on the Implementation of IMO Model Courses')read more

MARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008 with Guidelines for Implementation 2013 Edition

This publication presents therevised MARPOL Annex VI, Regulations for the prevention of air pollution from ships, and the updated NOx Technical Code 2008, including ammentments adopted by resolutions MEPC.202(62), MEPC...read more

MARPOL Consolidated Edition

MARPOL Consolidated Editionread more

MARPOL Consolidated Edition 2011

This edition of MARPOL aims to provide an easy and comprehensive reference to the up-to-date provisions and Unified Interpretations of the Articles, Protocols and Annexes of the MARPOL Convention, including the incorporation...read more

MARPOL Consolidated Edition 2011 - Spanish language edition

The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973, as modified by the Protocol of 1978 relating thereto (better known as MARPOL), is one of the most important international agreements on the...read more

MARPOL Consolidated Spanish Edition

MARPOL Consolidated Spanish Editionread more

Master's Handbook on Ship's Business

The primary object of this book is to provide a useful source of information and ready reference regarding the many phases of ship's business and paperwork with which the master must be concerned. It is principally for the...read more

Mechanics of Drillstrings and Marine Risers

Field operations of drillstrings and marine risers are complex and require the sill of experts with engineering knowledge and experience. The objective of this book is to provide analytical tools to assist in designing and...read more

Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines Volume 1: Buckling and Collapse

As exploration and production of oil and gas move to deeper waters, a precise understanding of the mechanical behavior of tubular structures becomes increasingly important. The increasing external pressure combined with the...read more

Merchant Marine Deck Examination Reference Material: Operating Manual for Coastal Driller

This publication contains reference material that may be needed by an applicant during an examination for a merchant marine deck license.read more

Merchant Marine Deck Examination Reference Material: Operating Manual for Deep Driller

This publication contains reference material that may be needed by an applicant during an examination for a merchant marine deck license.read more

Merchant Marine Examination Questions: Rules of the Road

This publication makes the rules of the road questions in the merchant marine examination question bank available to the public. The public has the opportunity to review and comment on the questions' clarity and accuracy. ...read more

Merchant Marine Officers' Handbook

This handbook as been the bible for the seagoing deck officer since it first appeared in 1942. It has also found a place ashore on the desks of port captains, marine superintendents, port directors, and marine safety...read more

Mobile Drilling Units of the World 2011

This book is set out in alphabetical order with sections covering all the main mobile drilling unit types: drillships, cylindrical floaters, semi-submersibles and jackups, lake and swamp barges and tenders. Access to the...read more

Modern Marine Engineers Manual: Volume I

This third edition of Volume 1 remains primarily a source of information on steam and gas turbine power plants. The reciprocating steam engine is no longer covered in the text, and the material on steam turbine propulsion...read more

Modern Towing

This book is a compendium of towing practices gathered during 48 years of service on various types of tugs and in the office. It offers an intimate concept of many forms of towing; towing vessels; their design,...read more