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An Introduction to Fire Dynamics

Essential reading for all involved in the field from undergraduate and postgraduate students to practicing fire safety engineers and fire prevention officers, this book is unique in that it addresses the fundamentals of fire...read more

Automatic Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems

Automatic sprinkler & standpipe systems.read more


Collapse of burning buildings.read more

Design of Special Hazard and Fire Alarm Systems

Special hazard and fire alarm systems.read more

Design of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems

This abundantly illustrated, step-by-step approach is a vital reference for every designer of fire protection systems, and will serve as essential information for architects, engineers, plumbing firms and fire service...read more

Disasters Man-Made

Industrial emergencies—staggering fires and explosions to massive hazardous materials spills—test the courage and imagination of modern firefighters. This book examines 30 such incidents, both historical and...read more

Electrical Installations in Hazardous Locations

Electrical installations in hazardous locations.read more

Fire Alarm Handbook: NICET Level 1 and 2 Element Review

Study guide for the first two levels of NICET.read more

Fire Alarm Handbook: The Big Book All Four Levels NICET

Study guide for all four levels of NICET.read more

Fire Alarm Signaling Systems

Signaling systems.read more

Fire Command

Fire command.read more

Fire Inspectors Guide to Codes, Forms, and Complaints

Codes, forms, and complaints.read more

Fire Officer's Handbook of Tactics

Handbook of tacticsread more

Fire Officer's Legal Handbook

Legal handbook.read more


Fire prevention.read more

Fire Protection Guide to Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials.read more