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When we speak of energy of course we're talking about all kinds of sources. There's oil & gas, solar power, wind power, water power, and these are just a few of the many sources by which energy is created. These days, they're even turning waste into energy. That's right: old tires, railway ties, even garbage itself is being turned into power nowadays. In fact, the city of Oslo runs 90 percent on trash power now.

The word Energy itself comes from the Ancient Greek wordἐνέργεια meaning“activity, operation." It is believed the word itself was coined by Aristotle in the 4th century BC. In contrast to the modern definition, originally the word was more of a philosophical concept, broad enough even to include such ideas as happiness and pleasure.

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Advanced Power Sources For Space Mission

This study, conducted under the auspices of the Energy Engineering Board of the National Research Council, examines the status of and outlook for advanced power sources for space missions.read more

Alternative Fuels

Addresses many of the factors affecting current and emerging energy use choices, including the availability and desirability of various fuels - and in particular, hydrogen.read more

Annual Energy Review 2008

This book is the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) primary report of annual historical energy statistics. Included are statistics on total energy production, consumption, trade, and energy prices; overviews of...read more

Availability Analysis

This book presents an effective and systematic method that uses both the first and second laws of thermodynamics for the performance analysis and design of energy systems. Another frequently name used for it, particularly...read more

Beyond Oil And Gas:The Methanol Economy

The world is currently consuming about 85 million barrels of oil a day, and about two-thirds as much natural gas equivalent, both derived from non-renewable natural sources. In the foreseeable future, our energy needs will...read more

Biodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy

For anyone who is trying to keep up with the extremely rapid developments in the biodiesel industry, this book is an invaluable aid. The breathtaking speed with which biodiesel has gained acceptance in the marketplace in...read more

Bioenergy Research: Advances and Applications

This book is an invaluable souce of information on various biomass feedstocks and biofuel production methods, and their uses. The chapters in this book cater to the needs of researchesrs working in the areas of biohydrogen,...read more


This book analyses the real possibility of biofuels. The reader will find some indications in this book to make up his mind on this complex, multifaceted and highly political subject. Does Europe has enough land to produce...read more

Biofuels by Mousdale

Discusses different types of biofuels, the science behind their production, the economics of their introduction to the marketplace, their environmental impacts, and their implications for world agriculture. It broadens the...read more

Biofuels by Soetaert

Biofuels covers the use and conversion technologies of biomass as a renewable resource to produce bioenergy in sustainable way, mainly in the form of liquid and gaseous biofuels. It gives a broad overview of biofuel...read more

Biohydrogen III

This volume summarizes the state of the art of biohydrogen production, with contributions from international experts across the field.read more

Biorefineries-Industrial Processes and Products

This is the first book dedicated to biorefineries and biobased industrial technologies and products, and, as such, is directed towards the technological principles of biorefineries, processes, plants, concepts, current and...read more

Black Gold

Black Gold argues that oil prices are primed for an "uberspike" and examines how institutional and individual investors can reap substantial rewards from this volatile and uncertain environmentread more

Catalysis For Sustainable Energy Production

This Book examines the various catalytic approaches to energy generation, covering everything from fuel cells to hydrogen storage and provides in- depth information on the principles behind an approach and various of them.read more

China and the Global Energy Crisis: Development and Prospects for China's Oil and Natural Gas

China's rapid economic development is having profound implications for energy resources. China's emergence as an energy importer has given rise to concerns that it is a major contributor to recent turmoil in energy...read more

Clean Coal Engineering Technology

This book is a single source covering policy and the engineering involved in implementing that policy. It addresses many coal-related subjects of interest, ranging from the chemistry of coal and the future engineering...read more

Coal-Fired Power Generation Handbook

The most complete and up-to-date handbook on power generation from coal, this book covers all of today's new, cleaner methods for creating electricity from coal, the environmental challenges and concerns involved in its...read more

Design of Smart Power Grid Renewable Energy Systems

This book uniquely addresses the design and modeling of smart grid renewable energy systems by integrating three areas of electrical engineering: power system engineering, power electronics, and electric energy conversion...read more

Designing & Building Fuel Cells

An all-in-one toolkit for expertly designing, modeling, and constructing high-performance fuel cells. A state-of-the art fuel cell source book.read more

Dictionary Of Energy

The dictionary of energy covers all the multi-faceted aspects of energy and its role in society, as well as entirely new areas critical to modern energy studies. In this single volumethis title provides a comprehensive and...read more

Electric Power Generation A Nontechnical Guide

This guides nontechnical approach aids those new to the generation business. It thoroughly covers the operation and maintenance of all plant types and discusses the generation industry in light of electric industry...read more

Electric Power Industry In Nontechnical Language

This book presents in everyday language the nuances, history, and recent developments of the electric power industry. This new version includes updated information on utilities, merchant plants, rural cooperatives,...read more

Electricity Markets

The book relates electricity market structures, economics for electricity, and derivative pricing of electricity. It intended as a companion for all those with interest in the electricity supply industry, including...read more

Energizing Our Future

Surveys and analyzes in considerable depth the present and future economic and technical viability of all known potential energy sources in the context of real-world production, distribution, and environmental constraints.read more


Presents the fundamentals of energy production for engineers, scientists, engineering professors, students and anyone in the field who needs a technical discussion of energy topics. It also examines the energy options for...read more

Energy and the Wealth of Nations

In this book, concepts such as energy return on investment (EROI) provide powerful insights into the real balance sheets that drive our "petroleum economy." Hall and Lkitgaard explore the relation between energy and the...read more

Energy and Water

These proceedings review new hydraulic analysis techniques that proven successful within the current constraints associated with energy production and natural water usage. Advances in computational hydraulics are discussed,...read more

Energy Companies and Market Reform

Using company case histories and drawing on official sources, this book shows how misguided regulatory policies, corporate fraud, lax accounting, and market rigging inflicted losses in the billions on consumers, investors,...read more

Energy Efficiency

This book outlines ways to implement energy efficient practices, equipment, and processes; foster better resources management; and create a smaller carbon footprint. It will prove to be a excellent resource for utilities,...read more

Energy Finance and Economics

Energy Finance offers the most up-to-date information and compelling insights into the finance and economics of energy. With contributions from today's thought leaders who are experts in various areas of energy finance...read more

Energy for a Sustainable World

An easy read, balancing the pros and cons, this book surveys the energy issue from a broad scientific perspective while considering environmental, economic, and social factors. It explains the basic concepts, provides a...read more

Energy for Keeps

From students to energy policymakers, Energy for Keeps helps readers of all ages understand the energy issues that loom large in our daily news. With clear language, engaging illustrations, and great photos, this book covers...read more

Energy Futures

Provides you with an even broader background in both the theory and practice of energy futures trading in this newly-updated text. Reviews the history,fundamentals of trading,hedging, and technical analysis; then updates you...read more

Energy Law in a Nutshell

A succinct exposition of the energy law to which a student or lawyer can turn for reliable guidance.read more

Energy Risk

Energy Risk presents an authoritative overview of the contemporary energy trading arena, combining lessons from the last decade with proven methods and strategies for valuing energy derivatives and managing risk in these...read more

Energy Storage: A Nontechnical Guide

This book lays out the real world options for increasing the deployment of energy storage and thereby enhancing the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy.read more

Energy Systems Engineering

This book discusses fossil, nuclear, and renewable energy sources, emphasizing a technology-neutral, portfolio approach to energy systems options. The book covers major energy technologies, describing how they work, how they...read more

Energy, Risk & Competitive Advantage

With this new title, decision-makers have the tools for obtaining quality information, and most importantly, for gaining competitive advantages. Companies can find reliable information, stay ahead of that competitive curve...read more

Energy, Technology, and the Environment

This book includes current information on the environmental effects of combustion by products, as well as technological breakthroughs and newly adopted environmental legislation, which have taken place since the first...read more

Energy: China's Choke Point

Although China's ascend[sic] on the world stage is assured, a hurdle that has the potential to become its chokepoint is the fact that the country has few indigenous energy sources, other than highly polluting coal, in a...read more

Engineering Thermodynamics of Thermal Radiation for Solar Power Utilization

This comprehensive guide reviews the fundamentals of the thermodynamics of radiation matter- photon gas. The book introduces the exergy of radiation through the most advanced thermodynamic analysis of the solar power...read more

ESCO Energy Services Company Handbook

This book explains what ESCOs are, how they work, and how they can benefit any electricity and natural gas utility user. Most of the success of you relationship with any ESCO is your ability to select, quantify, contract...read more


This book explores the history, techniques, and materials used in the practice of induced hydraulic fracturing, one of today's hottest topics, for the production of natural gas, while examining the environmental and economic...read more

Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes

This new third edition provides key introductory material suitable for core energy courses, while highlighting rapidly advancing technologies, allowing everyone interested in this burgeoning field to keep up with the latest...read more

Fundamentals Of Trading Energy Futures & Options

Explains how exchange traded futures and options markets work, and how companies can successfully use the markets in their overall strategy to increase profitability. They cover everything from market mechanics, hedging,...read more

Future Energy: How The New Oil Industry Will Change People, Politics, and Portfolios

Future Energy skillfully addresses the investment implications of this new oil industry and shows you how to profit from the changes that lie ahead. Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice.read more

Future Energy: Improved, Sustainable and Clean Options for Our Planet

The objective of this book is first to consider the reasons for developing alternate forms of energy and then focus on all the types of energy available to us, taking into account a future involving a reduction in oil and...read more

Generating Electricity IN A Carbon-Constrained World

Explores the various energy production options available to power companies and provides answers in the form of expert commentary backed by real world case studies. The book opens with clear and rigorous exposition of the...read more

Geothermal Energy

Provides a readable and coherent account of all facets of geothermal energy development and summarizes the present day knowledge on geothermal resources, their exploration and exploitation.read more

Geothermal Power Plants

This book delivers the key tools necessary to understand the principles and practices of utilizing geothermal energy for power generation. Starting from fundamental scientific and engineering principles, this detailed...read more

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