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Just like without science there would be no modern oil & gas business, without math and physics there would be no chemistry. They all go together. Brown knows chemistry books.

The science of chemistry goes back to ancient times. By 1000 BC, technology had advanced to the state where mankind could extract metals from ores. This included making pottery, fermenting beer and wine, extracting chemicals from plants, rendering fat into soap, the creation of glass, and manufacturing alloys such as bronze.

Math Books

Ancient math texts like the Plimpton 322 go all the way back to Babylon, 1900 BC. The Rhind Mathematical Papyrus of Egypt dates back to 2000-1800 BC. These texts are based on the Pythagorean theorem, which for most has been proven to be the most ancient and widespread mathematical development after basic arithmetic and geometry.

Physics Books

While physics is the study of matter and energy and the relationship between the two, it actually was originally developed from the art of philosophy. That being said, many believe physics is the oldest and most organic of all the sciences.

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A Book of Abstract Algebra

Accessible but rigorous, this outstanding text encompasses all of the topics covered by a typical course in elementary abstract algebra. Its easy-to-read treatment offers an intuitive approach, featuring informal...read more

A First Course in Numerical Analysis Second Edition

This outstanding text by two well-known authors treats numerical analysis with mathematical rigor, but presents a minimum of theorems and proofs. Oriented toward computer solutions of problems, it stresses error analysis and...read more

A History Of Greek Mathematics Volume1

The Greek genius deep intimacy with languages, literatures, philosophy and all the sciences brought him perhaps closer to beloved subjects, and to their own ideal of educated men, than is common or even possible today.read more

A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica Second Edition

A Physicist's guide to mathematica integrated desk reference with step-by-step instructions for the most commonly used features, of the software as it applies to research in physics does not require prior knowledge of...read more

A Treatise On Electricity& Magnetism

Part III Magnetism, develops a theory of magnetism through the study of solenoids and shells, magnetic induction, methods of observation, and terrestrial magnetism. Part IV, Electromagnetism, covers the mutual action of...read more

A User's Guide to Ellipsometry

This text on optics for graduate students explains how to determine material properties and parameters for inaccessible substrates and unknown films as well as how to measure extremely thin films. It fourteen case studies...read more

Abstract and Concrete Categories

Its unique approach stresses concrete categories, and each categorical notion features several examples that clearly illustrate specific and general cases.read more

Abstract Lie Algebras

Solid but concise, this account of Lie algebra emphasizes the theory's simplicity and offers new approaches to major theorems.read more

Abstract Sets and Finite Ordinals

This text unites the logical and philosophical aspects of set theory in a manner intelligible both to mathematicians without training in formal logic and to logicians without a mathematical background. It combines an...read more

Advanced Calculus DeMYSTiFieD

Beginning with an overview of functions of multiple variables and their graphs, this book covers the fundamentals, without spending too much time on rigorous proofs.  Then you will move through more complex topics...read more

Advanced Euclidean Geometry

This elementary treatise on advanced Euclidean geometry has been the standard textbook in this area of classical mathematics; no other book has covered the subject quite as well.read more

Aging Chemical Resistance

This powerful tool provides you with a overview of the different interacting aging mechanisms and their influence on plastic parts and their properties. The unique table of chemical resistance delivers information on how the...read more

Algebraic Geometry

This text for advanced undergraduate students is both an introduction to algebraic geometry and a bridge between its two parts the analytical-topological and the algebraic.read more

Algebraic Methods in Statistical Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory

This systematic algebraic approach concerns problems involving a large number of degrees of freedom. It extends the traditional formalism of quantum mechanics, and it eliminates conceptual and mathematical difficulties...read more

Algebraic Topology

This self-contained text is suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students and may be used either after or concurrently with courses in general topology and algebra. It surveys several algebraic invariants: the...read more

An Engineer's Guide to Matlab

Covers: Vector and Matrices; data input/output; program flow control; function creation and selected MATLAB functions; 2d graphics; 3d graphics; engineering statistics; dynamics and vibration; control systems; fluid...read more

An Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics By Example

A unique introduction to the field of computational fluid mechanics that utilizes the concept of hands-on teaching by real-world examples, this book is based on the original text "An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics" by...read more

An Introduction to Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Series

This book is a clear, concise, well-organized introduction to such topics as the Riemann integral, measurable sets, properties of measurable sets, measurable functions, the Lebesgue integral, convergence and the Lebesgue...read more

An Introduction To Mathematical Taxonomy

Taxonomy comprises a broad variety of activities related to the construction of classificatory system. And the development of numerical and mathematical techniques designed to produce more objective results has transformed...read more

An Introduction To Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Second Edition

This popular book on nonlinear partial differential equations contains expanded coverage on the central topics of applied mathematics in an elementary, highly readable format and is accessible to students and researchers in...read more

An Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics

The book is divided into four major sections: Part I deals with the principle of quantum statistical mechanics and includes discussions of energy levels, Part II examines systems composed of independent molecules, Part III,...read more

An Outline Of Set Theory

A problem -oriented introduction to set theory, this volume is intended for undergraduate courses in which students work on projects in groups and present their solutions to the class.read more

Analytical Methods for Risk Management

Analytical Methods for Risk Management: A Systems Engineering Perspective presents the foundation processes and analytical practices for identifying, analyzing, measuring, and managing risk in traditional systems,...read more

Applied Mathematical & Physical Formulas

A quick reference for engineers, technicians, toolmakers, machinists,students, and teachers. Includes more than 1,300 formulas, definitions, and figures used in mathematics and physics, plus complete coverage of S.I.,...read more

Applied Mathematics

This book reflects the needs of students in vocational and technical programs. It provides easy-to-understand instruction in math abilities through the use of realistic applications. The problems are drawn from the building...read more

Applied Multivariate Analysis Using Bayesian and Frequentist Methods of Inference Second Edition

The text proceeds to discussions of continuous multivariate distributions, the normal distribution, and Bayesian inference; multivariate large sample distribution and approximations; the Wishart and other continuous...read more

Applied Statics and Strength of Materials

This book presents a non-calculus based elementary, analytical, and practical approach to the principles and physical concepts of statics and strength of materials. The book focuses on the mastery of basic principles. It...read more

Applied Wax Technology

The aim of our research and development is to produce new wax blends that have complete dimensional and chemical stability, plus producing a highly accurate inner surface finish to the shell.read more

Arithmetic Refresher

This handy book is designed to streamline your methods and resharpen your calculation skills for a variety of situations. Starting with the most elementary operations, the book goes on to cover all basic topics and processes...read more

Basic Engineering Mathematics

A truly introductory mathematics book written specifically for students new to engineering.  This is a unique book written for engineering students that takes a starting point below GCSE level and is ideal for students...read more

Basic Equations of the Mass Transport Through a Membrane Layer

With a detailed analysis of the mass transport through membrane layers and its effect on different separation processes, this book provides a comprehensive look at the theoretical and practical aspects of membrane transport...read more

Basic Probability Theory

This introduction to more advanced courses in probability and real analysis emphasizes the probabilistic way of thinking, rather than measure-theoretic concepts.read more

Basic Statistics Tools For Continuous Improvement Fourth Edition

The primary motivation for this book is to educate the readers ( students, managers, engineers, researchers, analysts, practitioners, and statisticians) in the application of statistical tools to achieve continuous...read more

Biocatalysis and Bioenergy

It combines information on state-of-the-art advances and in-depth reviews of the latest achievements in biocatalysis and bioenergy, emphasizing biodiesel, bioethanol, and industrial products. The advantages of biocatalysis...read more


This book contains blasting specifications used on construction projects in the United States, Canada and other countries. These specifications have proven themselves in field applications and have helped owners get the...read more

Business Calculus Demystified

Business Calculus Demystified clarifies the concepts and processes of calculus and demonstrates their applications to the workplace.read more

Chemical Cross Reference Second Edition

This chemical cross-reference has been complied by extracting information from chemistry textbooks, industrial references, and chemical formularies back to the early 1800's. Equivalents, definitions, and cross-reference...read more

Chemical Reaction Equilibrium Analysis: Theory and Algorithms

This book is intended to be used by students,teachers, and practitioners in fields in which chemical equilibrium is important that is, in such fields as chemistry, chemical engineering, metallurgy, geochemistry, and physics...read more


This pamphlet is intended to assist in the selection, design, and safe operation and maintenance of chlorine vaporizer systems. Vaporizer systems covered by this pamphlet are limited.read more

Cohomology Operations and Applications in Homotopy Theory

Cohomology operations are at center of a major area of activity in algebraic topology. This technique for supplementing and enriching the algebraic structure of the cohomology ring has been instrumental to important progress...read more

Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry: Volume 57 Green Analytical Chemistry

This book contains ten chapters starting with the Origins of Green Analytical Chemistry that includes the state-of-the-art of this practical concept created to avoid the adverse side effects of chemistry in the analysis of...read more

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Exploring new variations of classical methods as well as recent approaches appearing in the field, This book demonstrates the extensive use of numerical techniques and mathematical models in fluid mechanics. It presents...read more

Computational Statistics

Computational Statistics An Introduction to R illustrates how to use the freely available R software package for data analysis, statistical programming, and graphics. Integrating R code and examples throughout, the text only...read more

CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae

This book continues to provide essential formulas, tables, figures, and descriptions, including many diagrams, group tables, and integrals not available online. This new ediiton incorporates important topics that are...read more

Cryogenic Engineering

This second edition provides a reader-friendly and thorough discussion of the fundamental principles and science of cryogenic engineering including the properties of fluids and solids, refrigeration and liquefaction,...read more

Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications

The applications of cryptography have tremendously increased in importance in the last 25 years, as use of the Internet has exploded worldwide and very large databases have become commonplace in corporations, government...read more

Design of Magnets and Electromagnets

This text covers electromagnetism, Types of magnets used, Forces developed from magnetism,Magnet design procedure, and Permanent magnets.read more

Differential Forms

This book is equally essential as a course text, as a work of reference, or simply as a brilliant mathematical exercise.read more

Differential Geometry by Graustein

This first course in differential geometry presents the fundamentals of the metric differential geometry of curves and surfaces in a euclidean space of three dimensions.  Written by an outstanding teacher and...read more

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