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Did you know that the ancient Romans had batteries?  In the 16th century, William Gilbert wrote about magnetics, distinguishing it from static electricty. While this was all still just theory, it did lead to the very first capacitor, developed by Pieter van Musscenbroech in 1746. Brown knows electronics books.

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A Signal Integrity Engineer's Companion

A Signal Integrity Engineer's Companion" is the industry's most comprehensive, authoritative, and practical guide to modern Signal Integrity test and measurement for high-speed digital designs. Three of the field's leading...read more

Advanced Signal Integrity For High-Speed Digital Designs

This book is designed to provide contemporary readers with an understanding of the emerging high speed signal integrity issues that are creating roadblocks in digital design. It leverages concepts and techniques from...read more

Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Repair Second Edition

This book is a toolbox companion for the technician and the do-it-yourselves alike. It provides everything you need to know about air conditioning and refrigeration maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing. This second...read more

Analog Circuit Design

Analog Circuit Design is a comprehensive source book of circuit design solutions will aid systems designers with elegant and practical design techniques that focus on common circuit design challenges. The book's in-depth...read more

Analysis And Design Of Integrated Circuit Antenna Modules

Analysis And Design contains subtitles that are Review of the CAD Process, Circuit simulator based methods, Multiport network method, Full wave electromagnetic analysis in the time domain, Phase-Locking dynamics in...read more

Analysis Of Sampled Imaging Systems

Advancing technology in solid state detector arrays, flat panel displays, and digital image processing has led to a greatly increased variety of sampled imaging products and possibilities. These technology developments...read more


Basic electronics contains subtitles that are What a transmitter is, Class C amplifiers, A three stage transmitter, Frequency multipliers, Transmission lines, Antennas, CW transmission, and Amplitude modulation.read more

Beginner's Guide To Reading Schematics

Navigate the roadmaps of simple electronic circuits and complex systems with help from an experienced engineer. With all-new art and demo circuits you can build, this hands-on, illustrated guide explains how to understand...read more

CCTV Surveillance: Analog and Digital Video Practices and Technology

This book provides a comprehensive examination of CCTV, covering the applications of various systems, how to design and install a system, and how to choose the right hardware. Taking into account the ever-changing advances...read more

CMOS Nanoelectronics

This book addresses the state of the art in integrated circuit design in the context of emerging systems. New, exciting opportunities in body area networks, wireless communications, data networking, and optical imaging are...read more

Compound Semiconductor Transistors Physics And Technology

Compound semiconductor offers a comprehensive, fundamental look at the theoretical foundations that have been established for three of the most common forms of conventional compound semiconductor transistors. It provides you...read more

Contact Lines For Electric Railways Planning, Design, Implementation, Maintenance Second Edition

Electric traction is the most favorable type of power supply for electric railways from both ecological and economic perspectives. Its reliability largely depends on contact lines, which must operate reliably in all climatic...read more

Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware

This book is a readable and practical guide for anyone needing an introduction to the key fundamentals of embedded  systems middleware technology. It clarifies key middleware concepts introduced with references to...read more

Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective

Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1996, CMOS manufacturing technology has continued its breathtaking pace, scaling to ever-smaller dimensions. Minimum feature sizes are now reaching the 100-nm realm...read more

Digital Multimeter Principles

This book contains procedures commonly practiced in industry and the trade. This is an educational recource for the user. read more

Digital Power Electronics And Applications

The purpose of this book is to describe the theory of Digital Power Electronics and its applications.  The authors apply digital control theory to power electronics in a manner thoroughly different from the traditional,...read more

Digital Processing Of Random Signals Theory And Methods

This excellent advanced text rigorously covers several topics related to random signal processing. Geared toward students of electrical engineering, its material is sufficiently general to be applicable to other engineering...read more

Digital Radio System Design

A systematic explanation of the principles of radio systems, this book offers a balanced treatment of both digital transceiver modems and RF front-end subsystems and circuits.  It provides an in-depth examination of the...read more

Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB

This book is primarily intended for use as a supplement in junior- or senior-level undergraduate courses on DSP. We assume that the student is familiar with the fundamentals of MATLAB. Those topics are not covered, since...read more

Digital Techniques For Wideband Receives Second Edition

Wideband receivers were the domain of electronic warfare systems. With the advent of modern communications and ever increasing bandwidth requirements, the differences between EW and communication receivers become smaller and...read more

Digital VLSI Chip Design With Cadence And Synopsis CAD Tools

Digital VLSI chip leads students through the complete process of building a ready-to-fabricate CMOS integrated circuit using popular commercial design software. Detailed tutorials include step-by-step instructions and screen...read more

Discrete-Event Modeling And Simulation A Practitioner's Approach

Discrete-event modeling presents a practical approach focused on the creation of discrete-event applications. The book introduces the CD tool, an open-source framework that enables the simulation of discrete-events models...read more

DRAM Circuit Design Fundamentals And High-Speed Topics

DRAM technology has been one of the greatest driving forces in the advancement of solid-state technology. With its ability to produce high product volumes and low pricing, it forces solid-state memory manufacturers to work...read more

Electrical Engineering Know it All

The latest technologies, the leading experts, proven real-world design solutions - together in one must-have volume! This book answers the need for a single comprehensive, practical reference for all engineers. This book...read more

Electro-Optical  Imaging System Performance

This book provides the methodology to analyze and optimize systems. It also includes some practical limits that exist in real hardware. Therefore, this book is also a practical guide to electro-optical system design.read more

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering

Electromagnetic engineering reflects the most recent developments in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and noise reduction and their practical applications to the designs of analog and digital circuits in computer,...read more

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals And Applications Third Edition

Electronic circuits is a unique combination of a comprehensive reference text and a practical electronics handbook in one volume. It provides all the essential information required to get to grips with the fundamentals of...read more

Electronic Performance Support

This book reminds everyone involved in education, training, human performance engineering and related fields of the enormous importance of human failures in decision-making and performance. The authors emphasize the...read more

Electronic Security Systems

Electronic security helps the security professional understand the wide range of sophisticated electronic security functional components now available, as well as the ways these components interconnect. The author guides...read more

Electronic Security Systems: A Manager's Guide to Evaluating and Selecting System Solutions

This book helps the security professional understand the wide range of sophisticated electronic security functional components now available, as well as the ways these components interconnect. The Author : guides managers...read more

Electronic Surveillance Devices Second Edition

Electronic surveillance is the book that security professionals, security system installers and hobbyists have been waiting for. Paul Brookes launches straight into the practicalities of electronic surveillance with plenty...read more

Electronics For Electricians Fifth Edition

Electronics is written for apprentices and readers preparing for work in industrial settings. Components and circuits are explained in a clear-cut manner throughout the book, with emphasis on describing how they work, what...read more

Electronics For Electricians Sixth Edition

The Sixth Edition of ELECTRONICS FOR ELECTRICIANS is a practical and relevant guide for anyone preparing for a career in industrial settings. With its updated graphics and increased coverage of important topics, this book...read more

Electronics Simplified

This book is essential reading for students embarking on courses involving electronics, anyone whose job involves electronic technology or equipment, and anyone who wants to know more about the electronics revolution. No...read more

Electronics: A First Course

This book starts with the basics of electricity and component types, introducing students to practical work almost straightaway. No prior knowledge of electronics is required. This text is ideal for a wide range of...read more

Electrostatic Discharge Understand, Stimulate And Fix ESD Problems

The scope of this handbook is useful to review briefly how static electricity takes place, what the contributing parameters are, and why. Ultimately, it results abruptly in its threatening consequence: electrostatic...read more

Electrostatic Discharge Understand, Stimulate And Fix ESD Problems Third Edition

This book delivers the same trusted coverage of topic while also incorporating recent technological advances that have taken place in the engineering community. The book begins with the basics of ESD for humans and objects,...read more

Encapsulation Technologies For Electronic Applications

This book is essential reading for the electronics production industry, providing guidance on the selection of encapsulants and extensive coverage of defects and failures related to encapsulation, how to analyze such defeats...read more

Engineering Applications Of The Modulated Scattered Technique

The present book provides a basic introduction to the field of modulated scattering and a general overview, extending from the basic concepts to more sophisticated recent developments. It presents the information in a way...read more

Field Guide To Geometrical Optics

The aim of each Spie field guide is to distill a major field of optical science or technology into handy desk or briefcase reference that provides basic, essential information about optical principles, techniques, or...read more

FPGAS World Class Designs

The result is a book covering the gamut of FPGA design from design fundamentals to optimized development techniques with a strong pragmatic emphasis. In addition to specific design techniques and practices, this book also...read more

Getting Started in Electronics

This is a complete electronics course in 128 pages! Author Forrest Mims teaches you the basics, takes you on a tour of analog and digital components, explains how they work, and shows you how they are combines for various...read more

Green Electronics Design & Manufacturing

This state-of-the-art resource brings together contributions by a team of experts from the entire electronics supply chain who show how to master the strategy, design, testing, and implementation issues of meeting global...read more

Handbook Of Data Structures And Applications

This comprehensive handbook is the first to focus on the topic of data structures. With complete coverage and the inclusion of many applications to show how data structures can be used in different settings, the editors...read more

Handbook of Optical and Laser Scanning

This reference has kept professionals and students at the forefront of optical scanning technology. The book provides an excellent resource for understanding the principles of laser scanning. It illustrates the significance...read more

Handbook Of Real-Time And Embedded Systems

The book focuses on several major areas of real-time and embedded systems. It examines real-time scheduling and resource management issues and explores the programming languages, paradigms, operating systems, and middleware...read more

Handbook on Array Processing and Sensor Networks

This book provides readers with a collection of tutorial articles contributed by world-renowned experts on recent advancements and the state of the art in array processing and sensor networks. Focusing on fundamental...read more

Home Security Projects

This new addition to the Maplin series contains useful design ideas for various security devices around the home, components for which are affordable and readily available from the Maplin catalogue or any of their nationwide...read more

How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic

This book shows you how to repair and extend the life of all kinds of solid-state devices, from modern digital gadgetry to cherished analog products of yetseryear. Youll start by selecting the tools and test equipment you'll...read more

How To Test Almost Everything Electronic Third Edition

How to test is filled with helpful examples of typical circuits and easy-to-follow instructions that show you how to pinpoint problems in all types of electronic systems, from TV sets and VCR to computers. Customers Who...read more

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