Advanced Framing Methods: The Illustrated Guide to Complex Framing Techniques, Materials and Equipment

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A "framer-friendly" approach to advanced framing elements, this book includes: 

  • Advanced framing layout
  • Complex walls, roofs, and stairs
  • Earthquake and hurricane protection
  • New building code requirements
  • Advanced framing materials, including composite woods and pre-engineered building components
  • Safety & equipment on larger, more complex framing jobs

With guidance for lead framers on:

  • Job preparation and organization
  • Crew management

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Lead Framer.

Chapter 2 Preparing for the Job.

Chapter 3 Getting Started.

Chapter 4 Managing the Crew.

Chapter 5 Advanced Framing: Layout.

Chapter 6 Advanced Framing: Rafters.

Chapter 7 Advanced Framing: Stairs.

Chapter 8 Advanced Framing: Rake Walls.

Chapter 9 Wind & Earthquake Framing.

Chapter 10 Engineered Wood Products.

Chapter 11 Building Code Requirements.

Chapter 12 Safety.


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