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1990<div id='customTitleVal'>GEOP Series: Underground Storage, Book 1, Vol. 1</div>
<div class='abstractVal'><br /><br /><strong>PURPOSE OF UNDERGROUND STORAGE</strong><br /><br /> Natural gas production is constant throughout the year, except for emergency shut-ins, which are usually due to the weather. Natural gas usage,</div>
<div class='abstractVal'> on the other hand, is cyclic, with peak usage in the winter
consequently, storage is the only practical way to meet peak demands and avoid shortages for consumers. Gas is stored during low usage periods, helping g</div>:
<div class='abstractVal'>as pipeline companies maintain high levels of throughput efficiency. Then, in peak usage periods or during emergency production shut-ins caused by events like hurricanes and cold weather, gas is withdrawn from stora</div>
<div class='abstractVal'>ge to supplement production.<br /><br /></div>