AutoCAD and Its Applications Comprehensive 2017, 24th Edition

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AutoCAD and Its Applications: Comprehensive 2017 brings together the complete contents of Basics andAdvanced into one volume. It provides flexibility in course design and teaching approaches, supporting both introductory and advanced classes. This text provides a complete teaching program for 2D and 3D AutoCAD drafting and design.

Please see the product descriptions for Basics and Advanced for details on the features and benefits of this combined text.

Basics Contents
  1. Introduction to AutoCAD 
  2. Drawings and Templates 
  3. Introduction to Drawing and Editing 
  4. Basic Object Commands 
  5. Line Standards and Layers 
  6. View Tools and Basic Plotting 
  7. Object Snap and AutoTrack 
  8. Construction Tools and Multiview Drawings 
  9. Text Styles and Multiline Text 
10. Single-Line Text and Additional Text Tools 
11. Modifying Objects 
12. Arranging and Patterning Objects 
13. Grips, Properties, and Additional Selection Techniques 
14. Polyline and Spline Editing Tools 
15. Obtaining Drawing Information 
16. Dimension Standards and Styles 
17. Linear and Angular Dimensioning 
18. Dimensioning Features and Alternate Practices 
19. Dimensioning with Tolerances 
20. Editing Dimensions 
21. Tables 
22. Parametric Drafting 
23. Section Views and Graphic Patterns 
24. Standard Blocks 
25. Block Attributes 
26. Introduction to Dynamic Blocks 
27. Additional Dynamic Block Tools 
28. Layout Setup 
29. Plotting Layouts 
30. Annotative Objects 
31. External References 
32. Introduction to Sheet Sets 
33. Additional Sheet Set Tools 
Advanced Contents-Three-Dimensional Design and Modeling
34. Introduction to Three-Dimensional Modeling 
35. Creating Primitives and Composites 
36. Viewing and Displaying Three-Dimensional Models 
37. Understanding Three-Dimensional Coordinates and User Coordinate Systems 
38. Using Model Space Viewports 
39. Model Extrusions and Revolutions 
40. Sweeps and Lofts 
41. Creating and Working with Solid Model Features 
42. Mesh Modeling 
43. Advanced Surface Modeling 
44. Subobject Editing 
45. Solid Model Editing 
46. Text and Dimensions in 3D 
47. Model Documentation, Analysis, and File Exchange 
48. Point Clouds 

Model Visualization and Presentation
49. Visual Style Settings and Basic Rendering 
50. Materials in AutoCAD 
51. Lighting 
52. Advanced Rendering 
53. Using Show Motion to View a Model 
54. Cameras, Walkthroughs, and Flybys