Basic Chemistry for Water & Wastewater Operators

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Darshan Singh Sarai
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Water and wastewater operators need an understanding of chemistry to properly carry out the chemical phases of treatment, including coagulation, sedimentation, softening, and disinfection.

Knowledge of basic chemistry is also required to pass operator certification examinations. Operators will get the training they need in this chemistry primer tailored just for operators of drinking water or wastewater systems.

Ideal for either self-education or classroom instruction, this low-cost book covers all basic areas of chemistry that an operator should know:

  • Measurements, elements, compounds
  • Equations
  • Acids, bases, salts
  • Solutions, colloids, coagulation
  • Water, ionization theory, gas laws
  • Organic chemistry
  • Hardness, corrosion and its control
  • Disinfection