Basic Science Concepts and Applications for Wastewater

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Patrick L. Antonelli, Bill Craigo, Trevor Klar, Gary L. Taylor
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Science principles and operational calculations related to the wastewater treatment field are the subject of this textbook.

Chapters are organized into four main sections: mathematics, hydraulics, chemistry, and electricity. Each section covers basic principles of the topic, as well as information specific to wastewater operations. This approach allows students to study basic calculations and principles and then apply them to actual problems that are encountered in wastewater operations. It also makes the book a very useful on-the-job reference.

Chapters within a section need not be read in the order in which they are presented. This lets the student or instructor customize the learning sequence. Test problems directly follow each calculation, equation, and principle presented in a chapter.

With this setup, the student immediately applies a calculation or scientific principle to a relevant problem for quick understanding and a better learning experience. Where topics in other sections are related and considered helpful to the reader, a footnote reference is given to the related discussion.