California Law & Business Exam Prep Quick-Card

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California Law & Business Exam Prep Quick-Card by Builder's Book

In this 6-page study guide, you get a great review aid as you prepare for the California LAW AND BUSINESS EXAM. It also makes a great general reference even after you've got your license!


  • Law Examination
  • License Exemptions
  • General Knowledge
  • Safety
  • License Law
  • License Status
  • Immigration
  • Labor/Payroll Taxes
  • Taxes
  • Business Management
  • Mechanic's Liens/ Stop Notices
  • The Basics of Mechanic's Liens and Stop Notices
  • Home Improvement Contracts
  • General Knowledge
  • Subletting/ Subcontracting
  • Insurance
  • Bonds
  • Worker's Compensation