Carpentry & Building Construction, 6th Edition

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January 3rd 2003


Provides students with quality construction skills. This comprehensive carpentry textbook focuses on residential construction that is also applicable for light commercial construction.


Unit 1: Preparing to Build
Chapter 1 The Construction Industry
Chapter 2 Building Codes and Planning
Chapter 3 Reading and Drawing Plans
Chapter 4 Estimating and Scheduling
Unit 2: Tools and Equipment
Chapter 5 Construction Safety and Health
Chapter 6 Hand Tools
Chapter 7 Power Saws
Chapter 8 Electric Drills
Chapter 9 Power Tools for Shaping and Joining
Chapter 10 Power Nailers and Staplers
Chapter 11 Ladders and Scaffolds
Unit 3: Building Foundations
Chapter 12 Concrete As a Building Material
Chapter 13 Locating the House on the Building Site
Chapter 14 Foundation Walls
Chapter 15 Concrete Flatwork
Unit 4: Wood Frame Carpentry
Chapter 16 Wood As a Building Material
Chapter 17 Engineered Lumber
Chapter 18 Engineered Panel Products
Chapter 19 Framing Methods
Chapter 20 Floor Framing
Chapter 21 Wall Framing and Sheathing
Chapter 22 Basic Roof Framing
Chapter 23 Hip, Valley, and Jack Rafters
Chapter 24 Roof Assembly and Sheathing
Chapter 25 Roof Trusses
Unit 5: Steel Frame Construction
Chapter 26 Steel Framing Basics
Chapter 27 Steel Framing Procedures
Unit 6: Closing in the Structure
Chapter 28 Windows and Skylights
Chapter 29 Residential Doors
Chapter 30 Roof Coverings
Chapter 31 Roof Edge Details
Chapter 32 Siding
Chapter 33 Brick Veneer
Unit 7: Finish Carpentry
Chapter 34 Stairways
Chapter 35 Molding and Trim
Chapter 36 Cabinets and Countertops
Chapter 37 Wall Paneling
Unit 8: Completing the Structure
Chapter 38 Mechanicals
Chapter 39 Insulation and Ventilation
Chapter 40 Drywall and Plaster
Chapter 41 Exterior and Interior Finishes
Chapter 42 Wood Flooring
Chapter 43 Resilient Flooring and Ceramic Tile
Chapter 44 Chimneys and Fireplaces
Chapter 45 Decks and Porches