Comprehensive Water Distribution Systems Analysis Handbook

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Paul F. Boulos, Kevin E. Lansey, Bryan W. Karney
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Written by world-renowned industry experts, this all-in-one reference on water distribution systems covers what water professionals and students need to know on planning, designing, analyzing, and operating water systems more efficiently and effectively. The book covers hydraulic principles in detail and provides step-by-step guidance that walks readers through the complete modeling process from start to successful finish and interpretation of the results.

This book also features in-depth examinations of state-of-the-art network modeling and optimization techniques, explores the most current knowledge and technologies, and provides the detailed explanations needed to become a master modeler. Over 100 worked-out example problems round out this impressive text.

  1. Chapters Cover:
  2. History of network modeling
  3. Hydraulic principles
  4. Network components
  5. The network model
  6. Network hydraulics
  7. Water quality simulation
  8. Master planning
  9. Optimization applications to water distribution systems
  10. Hydraulic transients
  11. Maintaining hydraulic integrity