Damned If We Don't! Ideas for Accelerating Change Around Water

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Damned if we don’t is a series of essays written for members of the water sector by members of the water sector.

With an intention to share ideas, broaden perspectives and encourage people to continue with an ongoing dialogue, this book represents a shared vision to help accelerate much needed change around water.

Written by thought leaders who are addressing and directly facing the issues surrounding water, this collection of material shares innovative approaches and provides ideas for the management of our most important resource.

From policy ideas to behavioral change, from engineering to new technology, these authors include solutions and reflect on the importance of collaboration, teamwork and dialogue.

The goal is to help people reflect on these growing opportunities for innovation that can transform the way we manage water throughout the supply chain.

The water sector is fractured, but we can bring it together through effective dialogue and sharing ideas - Damned if we don't is a step in that direction.