Emergency Power Source Planning for Water and Wastewater

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Fred J. Ellermeier, Donald R. Stevens, Larry D. Pittman
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Adequate and reliable emergency and standby power is essential for all water and wastewater utilities. This book provides guidance to 

  • Assess the vulnerability, condition, and reliability of primary electrical equipment
  • Evaluate options for on-site electrical-generating equipment
  • Assess placement locations to facilitate integration with the existing electrical systems
  • Determine current and historical electrical load demands and estimate future electrical demands
  • Determine backup-power capacity needed to meet peak demand

    Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. History
  3. An Overview of Emergency and Standby Power
  4. Defining Water and Wastewater Utility Needs
  5. Risk Factors and Scenario Planning
  6. Planning, Evaluation, and Design
  7. Conclusion

Standby Power Information Checklist 
Survey Questions 
Emergency Response 
Scenario Planning 
Case Studies 
Cleveland Division of Water: Lessons Learned 
Emergency Preparedness Checklist