LEED AP® BD+C Exam Preparation Guide

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EED AP® BD+C Exam Preparation Guide, LEED® v4 Edition, is a comprehensive study reference used to prepare for the LEED AP® BD+C specialty exam. Written by an accomplished LEED® Fellow™, this exam preparation guide provides a detailed and efficient approach to studying through concise text and detailed, full-color illustrations and photos. This exam preparation guide is designed to complement the LEED v4 Reference Guide for Building Design and Construction.

LEED AP® BD+C Exam Preparation Guide emphasizes the mastery of the key topics of the LEED v4 BD+C prerequisites and credits and aids in exam success through the following:

  • An overview of the LEED AP BD+C credential and its benefits
  • The process of registering for, studying for, and taking the LEED AP BD+C specialty exam
  • The core concepts, themes, and structure of the LEED v4 BD+C rating system
  • An overview of the knowledge and task domains of the LEED AP BD+C specialty exam
  • Comprehensive reviews that focus on the key topics of each LEED v4 BD+C credit category and its respective prerequisites and credits
  • 172 Checkpoint Questions located throughout the text that provide continual assessment
  • Knowledge Retention Exercises and Calculation Exercises located at the end of most chapters
  • A 100-question practice exam
  • An Appendix that contains a sample LEED v4 BD+C checklist and a list of standards and references


To aid in the successful passing of the LEED AP BD+C specialty exam, each feature in the exam preparation guide and the digital resources is designed to promote quick comprehension. These features include objectives, a key terms list, factoids, checkpoint questions, key term definitions, knowledge retention exercises, and calculation exercises.