Manual CS - Commercial Application, Systems, and Equipment

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Manual CS covers the fundamentals of system design and equipment selection for office buildings, apartments, schools, restaurants, arenas, gyms, malls, arcades, motels, theaters and other small and mid-size commercial structures. It discusses the considerations - ;comfort, air quality, and operating costs-that go into a preliminary design. Examples of the procedures and calculations turn concept into design. (380 pages)


Topics include:


  • Dynamics and interrelationships of the building, occupants, and HVACR system



  • Attributes, characteristics, and system performance requirements for a wide variety of structures and applications



  • A procedure for generating zoning requirements



  • All-air systems, all-water systems, and unitary refrigerant-based systems



  • A procedure for analyzing the heating and cooling loads for any possible operating condition, including minimum, intermediate, and maximum load conditions



  • Detailed instructions for selecting and sizing primary and secondary HVACR equipment, including packaged and unitary heating and cooling units, heat pumps, water chillers, air handlers, furnaces, boilers, make-up air units, radiant heating equipment, and humidifying equipment



  • Control strategies for various systems and equipment



  • Refrigerant-side capacity control



  • Venting gas-fired and oil-fired equipment