NACE Coating Inspector's Condensed Logbook, 5th Edition

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Written for coating inspectors and contractors, the fifth edition of this bestselling condensed logbook contains over 100 additional pages with new forms and checklists. The Coating Inspector’s Condensed Log book provides step by step job specific entry spaces for the entire coating or lining project and replaces a non-specific diary. Included are contact information, standards, checklists, essential and non-essential personnel tracking, safety documentation, summary of ambient weather conditions, pre-inspection log for Salt test and lead/heavy metal reporting, surface preparation, mixing and coating application and much more. The log book is designed to document work in real time and can be used to generate daily reports as required. It is a working tool and an excellent resource should there be disputes or litigation. As with the regular-sized logbook, you receive all of the same useful forms to help you keep vital site information on hand, but instead of a four- to six-month supply, you receive a 30-day supply