O'Connor's TX Causes of Action Pleadings 2016

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O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action Pleadings is the perfect companion to the extensive commentary in O’Connor’s Texas Causes of Action. The book contains nearly 200 petitions and answers corresponding to each Causes of Action chapter, from Abuse of Process to Wrongful Discharge, all updated to reflect 2015 legislation and case law.

With your book purchase, you also get online access to the forms. These forms will be accessible until the next edition of the book is released.


O'Connor's Texas Causes of Action Pleadings 2016 has been updated to reflect relevant 2015 legislation and case law. The latest edition also features:

  • Updated forms incorporating 2015 legislation enacted by the Texas Legislature and recent Texas Supreme Court and Courts of Appeals rulings.
  • Sample demand and notice letters.
  • General forms for designating defendants, challenging jurisdiction, alleging venue, and asserting verified pleas.
  • Supplemental forms for petitions to allege participatory and vicarious liability and to assert damages that must be specifically pleaded.
  • Supplemental forms for answers to assert immunity, estoppel, and proportionate responsibility defenses.
  • Related causes of action in each petition to help you brainstorm additional and alternative claims.
  • A concise, user-friendly format that allows you to accurately and efficiently draft petitions and answers.
  • Cross-references to other O’Connor’s books throughout the forms to make researching the law easier.