Texas Rules of Evidence Handbook 2015

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The Texas Rules of Evidence Handbook provides guidance and explanations on some of evidence’s most challenging topics through in-depth commentary and substantive analysis of the Texas Rules of Evidence for both civil and criminal cases.

  • The complete text of the Texas Rules of Evidence
  • Ten chapters (over 1000 pages) explaining the Texas Rules of Evidence, with detailed commentary on each rule
  • Rule numbers on tabs for quick reference
  • Thousands of case, rule, and secondary-source citations, including the most recent developments in the field
  • Comparison between the Texas and Federal Rules of Evidence
  • Comprehensive case and topic indexes

Current text of the Rules of Evidence

Article 1: General Provisions
Original Commentary by James P. Wallace

Article 2: Judicial Notice
Original Commentary by Murl A. Larkin

Article 3: Presumptions
Original Commentary by Murl A. Larkin

Article 4: Relevancy & Its Limits
Original Commentary by Newell H. Blakely

Article 5: Privileges
Original Commentary by Steven Goode and M. Michael Sharlot

Article 6: Witnesses
Original Commentary by Thomas Black

Article 7: Opinions & Expert Testimony
Original Commentary by John F. Sutton, Jr.

Article 8: Hearsay
Original Commentary by Olin Guy Wellborn III

Article 9: Authentication & Identification
Original Commentary by Blake Tartt and Jeffrey S. Wolfe

Article 10: Contents of Writings, Recordings, & Photographs
Original Commentary by James J. Hippard, Sr.

Appendix: Proposed Texas Rules of Evidence

The new edition includes the following:

  • Discussion of amended Rule of Evidence 902(10), effective September 1, 2014, allowing for self-authentication of business records.
  • Discussion of Federal Rules of Evidence 801(d)(1)(B) and 803(6)-(8), amended effective December 1, 2014, pending approval by Congress, and comparison with the Texas Rules.
  • Expanded discussion of self-authentication under Rules 902(3) and 902(4).