The Pipe Fitters Field Book

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revised 2011


The Pipe Fitters Field Book includes information on pipe flanges, butt and socket weld fittings, diameters, circumferences and nominal wall thicknesses of pipe, gaskets, rigging hand signals, the safe working load of wire and fiber ropes, slings, common building materials, trade related formulas and other trade reference material.
Engineers, pipefitters, riggers, boiler makers and welders should all have a copy of The Pipe Fitters Field Book. It is also used for practical training and suggested or mandatory academic material for technical schools.

  • Flange specifications for flange series 150-2500 including number of studs, size and length of studs, wrench sizes, diameter of bolt circles, flange outside diameters, inside gasket diameters, and slip blind and gasket outside diameters.
  • Length through hub for weld neck and slip-on flanges.
  • Dimensions of butt weld fittings, socket weld fittings and flanges.
  • Diameters and circumferences and nominal wall thicknesses of pipe.
  • Odd angles for long radius 90 degree elbows.
  • Dissecting a circle and blind flange lay out.
  • Layout for equal and unequal diameter branch lines at any angle.
  • Sequential bolt torque procedure.
  • Ring joint flanges series 150-2500, ring number, size, length and number of studs.
  • Slip blinds for hydrostatic testing in psi and kPa.
  • Rigging hand signals.
  • Safe working loads for different types of fiber rope.
  • Knots and hitches.
  • Wire rope clips, minimum number, spacing and torque of clips.
  • Shackles, inside width at the pin and the safe working load.
  • Snatch block and sling leg load multiplication factors.
  • The safe working load for wire rope, and nylon and wire rope slings.
  • Conversion multipliers.
  • Explosive limits of different gasses.
  • Specific gravity of different gasses.
  • Drill and tap sizes for bolts and pipe.
  • Weights for common building materials.
  • Trade related formulas.
  • Head pressures of water and temperature conversions.
  • Pipe and water weights.
  • Weights for plate steel.
  • Weights for flanged gate valves, weld fittings, blind flanges and weld neck flanges.