Water Operator Certification Study Guide, Sixth Edition

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AWWA’s most popular operator training aid, this study guide is specially designed to give water operators and students practice in answering questions that are similar in format and content to the questions that appear on state certification exams. 

The new sixth edition has more sample questions and answers than ever, so you can really address those problem areas. Sample questions and answers for both water treatment and distribution systems are included.

This study guide was developed by AWWA in cooperation with the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC), which certifies water and wastewater operators in most states. ABC certification is not only a way to protect public health and the environment, but also provides numerous career benefits to both employees and employers. 

Inside the sixth edition: 

• 1,385 sample questions and answers–more than twice as many as in the previous edition. You get more practice in all areas of the exam. Questions are organized by Class I, II, III, and IV, so you can study exactly what you need.

• 870 water treatment questions: monitoring, chemicals, coagulation and flocculation, clarification and sedimentation, filtration, regulations, equipment, safety, source water quality, and more.

• 365 water distribution questions: system components; monitoring and adjusting disinfection; lab analysis; equipment installation, operation, and maintenance; and security, safety, and more.

• 150 sample math questions let you tackle those tough math questions with confidence. Formulas and conversion factors are also included for quick reference.

• Questions follow 2011 Need-To-Know Criteria established by ABC, which means you can practice all areas covered on the exam. Questions are based on the latest edition of AWWA Principles and Practices of Water Supply Operations series textbooks, current US and Canadian drinking water regulations, and State of California-approved training materials.