Welding: Principles and Applications

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Larry Jeffus
June 10, 2011

This book is the authoritative introduction to the subject of welding. It is designed for learners in a wide range of academic and workforce training programs who want to pursue careers as skilled welders and welding supervisors. The book also supports the needs of learners who need to achieve a basic level of proficiency in welding in their chosen skilled trade. While covering the procedural and safety information all readers need, this book also explains underlying theories. The combination of hands-on information with clear explanations of theory is a hallmark of this book.




1. Introduction to Welding Technology. 2. Welding Safety. Part II: SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING (SMAW). 3. SMAW Equipment and Operation. 4. SMAW of Plate. 5. SMAW of Pipe. 6. Advanced SMAW. Part III: CUTTING. 7. Oxyacetylene Cutting Process. 8. Plasma Arc Cutting Process. 9. Other Cutting Processes. Part IV: GAS SHIELDED WELDING (GMAW, FCAW, AND GTAW). 10. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) Equipment and Operation. 11. GMAW Process. 12. Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) Equipment and Operation. 13. FCAW Process. 14. Other Semiautomatic Welding Processes. 15. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Equipment, Filler Metals, and Operation. 16. GTAW of Plate. 17. GTAW of Pipe. Part V: RELATED TECHNOLOGY. 18. Shop Mathematics and Cost Estimation. 19. Technical Drawings. 20. Joint Design and Weld Symbols. 21. Welding Fabrication. 22. Welding Codes and Welding Standards. 23. Weld Testing and Inspection. 24. Certifying Welders. Part VI: RELATED PROCESSES. 25. Science of Welding Metallurgy. 26. How to Identify and Weld Different Metals. 27. Selecting Welding Filler Metals. 28. Welding Automation. 29. Railroad and Other Welding Processes. Part VII: OXYFUEL PROCESSES. 30. Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment and Operation. 31. Welding Gases and Filler Metals. 32. Gas Welding. 33. Soldering and Brazing.


About the Author


Larry Jeffus is a welder with over 55 years of welding experience, and he has his own well-equipped welding shop. In his welding career he has passed many welding certification tests in a wide variety of processes, positions, and on many different material types and thicknesses. Larry has provided welding and professional consulting services locally, nationally, and internationally to major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, schools, colleges, and individuals. He is a Life Member of the American Welding Society. Larry Jeffus has over forty years experience as a dedicated classroom teacher and is the author of several Delmar Cengage Learning welding publications. Prior to retiring from teaching, Professor Jeffus taught at Eastfield College, part of the Dallas County Community College District. Since retiring from full-time teaching, he remains very active in the welding community, especially in the field of education. He serves on several welding program technical advisory committees and has visited high school, college, and technical campuses in more than forty states and four foreign countries. Professor Jeffus was selected as Outstanding Post-Secondary Technical Educator in the State of Texas by the Texas Technical Society. Professor Jeffus has served for 12 years as a board member on the Texas Workforce Investment Council in the Texas Governor's office where he works to develop a skilled workforce and bring economic development to the state. He served as a member of the Apprenticeship Project Leadership Team where he helped establish apprenticeship training programs for Texas, and he has made numerous trips to Washington lobbying for vocational and technical education. Larry Jeffus holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and has completed post graduate studies.