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While modern pipes are made mainly from concrete, steel, even fiberglass, pipes have been around for thousands of years. Early pipes were made out of wood, constructed from logs with a hole boared in the center. The Chinese even used bamboo pipes to drill for oil and natural gas as far as as the 4th century AD. Brown knows piping books.

Brown Technical Books has been servicing industry professionals since 1946 and is the only real technical bookstore in America. Feel free to CHAT NOW with one of our expert staff. Or give us a call at 713-652-3937. We love speaking with our customers. Brown Knows Books.

Plumbers/Pipefitters - Plumbers are one of the, if not THE highest paid tradesmen. Average salaries for plumbers are now above $50,000 per year while a skilled plumber can make as much as $250,000 per year. Plumbers include pipefitters too. Come find out how you can get started in your career as a plumber. If you're already in the biz, we've got some great stuff for you too.



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