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Oil riggers are the backbone of the industry. While its not documented who was the first oil rigger, the first modern oil well was drilled in Asia back in 1848 by the Russian engineer FN Semyenov. It's assumed someone manned the rig. Today, riggers command salaries upwards of $100,000 per year. Brown knows rigging books.

Brown Technical Books has been servicing industry professionals since 1946 and is the only real technical bookstore in America. Feel free to CHAT NOW with one of our expert staff. Or give us a call at 713-652-3937. We love speaking with our customers. Brown Knows Books.


 Riggers - Riggers are the backbone of the oil industry, but it's not a trade you learn in school. Rigging is  a hands-on business that is leanred in the field through on-the-job training. Formal apprenticeships are  available for those who want to get paid while they learn a skilled trade. Come find out how you can get  started in your career as a rigger. If you're already in the biz, we've got some great stuff for you too.


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