Electrical Regulations by State - Arizona



No statewide code. Most municipalities and Coconimo, Maricopa, and Pima counties adopt the National Electrical Code. Residential, commercial, and industrial work must be performed in accordance with the FHA Minimum Property Standards and Manual of Acceptable Practices.


Codes are enforced by the by the municipality or county and enforcement of the contractors is by the State Registrar of Contractors.

Electrical Contractor

Licenses may be issued to firms or individuals. Applicants must have had four (4) years trade experience within the last ten (10) years, not have had a license refused or revoked within one (1) year prior to the application, and must pass a written examination. Contractors are required to furnish a bond; residential contractors must either participate in a Consumer Recovery Fund or furnish an additional surety bond or cash deposit.


Licensed at local levels.

FeesElectrical ContractorJourneyman
New Residential Contractor License $770.00* N/A
Renewal $540.00/2yr N/A
New Commercial Contractor License $645.00* N/A
Renewal of Commercial License $490.00/2yr N/A
Dual (Commercial and Residential) License $1265.00* N/A
Renewal of Dual License $1030.00/2yr N/A

*plus bond


California, Nevada, and Utah

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors may waive trade examination requirements for contractors who want to be licensed in both states. No state licensing of journeymen and master electricians. Electricians are licensed by municipalities or counties. Under the agreement, Arizona can accept the licensing qualifications of these states. Applicants will be required to pass the Arizona Business Management examination and complete all other requirements for licensing in Arizona.