Electrical Regulations by State - Arkansas



Installations must conform to the 2008 National Electrical Code.


The State Board of Electrical Examiners is responsible for enforcement of any violations reported to them. Municipalities may use local inspectors in their areas.

Electrical Contractor

Electrical contractors who perform on contracts of $20,000 or more must be licensed by the State Licensing Board of Contractors. Applicants must have five (5) years experience, list the equipment they own, provide an audited financial statement, hold a Master Electrician’s license, provide business references, and must pass the Arkansas Business and Law Exam.


State electrical licenses are mandatory, and are recognized in all municipalities. Master and journeyman electricians must pass a written examination to be licensed by the State Board of Electrical Examiners. Apprentices are also required to be registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training, and the Arkansas Department of Labor. Beginning in 2008 eight (8) hours of continuing education will be required each year.

The Board is also authorized to issue license to those applicants holding equivalent licenses in other states and upon payment of the required fees and submission of proof of license in that state, provided an agreement has been reached with that state, to recognize the electrical licenses held by Arkansas residents.

Electrical Contractor $100.00 N/A $50.00
Mater Electrician $50.00 $56.00/$86.00* $50.00
Residential Master Electrician $25.00 $56.00/$86.00* $25.00
Journeyman 25.00 $25.00** $25.00
Residential Journeyman Electrician $25.00 $56.00/$86.00* $25.00
Industrial Maintenance Electrician $25.00 $25.00** $25.00
Air Conditioning Electrician $25.00 $56.00/$86.00* $25.00

*Fees for examination $56 paper/pencil format; $86 computer format

**Industrial Maintenance tests are given at the Arkansas Department of Labor $25 fee.


Annual registration fee $10. Temporary license fees are the same as the permanent licenses listed above.


Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana.