Electrical Regulations by State - Colorado



Installation must conform to the 2007 National Electrical Code, effective August 1st, 2008, or other standards which may be adopted by the Colorado State Electrical Board. Local jurisdictions may adopt more stringent requirements.


State electrical inspectors must be master or journeyman electricians employed or appointed by the director of the Division of Registration. The Division director is also authorized to appoint or employ inspectors for one-, two-three- or four-family dwellings. These inspectors must have passed the written residential wireman’s examination, been certified as residential electrical inspector by a national certification authority approved by the Board, and have furnished satisfactory evidence of at least two (2) years practical experience in the inspection of residential dwellings.


All contractors and electricians must be registered or licensed by the State Electrical Board. There is no local licensing. Local governments are permitted to require registration of electrical contractors performing services within their jurisdiction; fees cannot be charged for such registration.

Successful completion of an open book examination (based upon the current edition of the National Electrical Code) is required as a prerequisite for license or registration renewal. The types of license and/or registration issued and the qualifications for each type are:

Electrical Contractor

Licenses may be issued either to firms or individuals. Any firm owned wholly or in part by a licensed master electrician, and any individual who is a licensed master electrician may obtain an electrical contractor’s registration. Any other firm or individual desiring to be registered as an electrical contractor must employ a licensed master electrician in a supervisory capacity must pay the first time application fee and subsequent biennial renewal fee. The applicant must furnish evidence of compliance with the applicable workers’ compensation and unemployment compensation laws of the State. Out-of-State corporations must furnish a Certificate of Good Standing issued by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office.

Master Electrician

An applicant must furnish written evidence that he or she is a graduate electrical engineer and has one (1) year of practical electrical experience in the construction industry; or is a graduate of an electrical trade school or community college with at least four (4) years of practical experience in electrical work or has had at least one (1) year of practical experience in planning, laying out, supervision, and installing wiring, apparatus, or equipment for electrical light, heat, and power beyond the practical experience requirements for the journeyman’s license. Each applicant must pass a written examination.

Journeyman Electrician

Applicant must have at least four (4) years apprenticeship in the electrical trade or four (4) years practical experience in wiring for, installing, and repairing electrical apparatus and equipment for light, heat, and power, at least two (2) years of this experience shall be in commercial or industrial work.

Residential Wireman

Applicant for a residential wireman’s license must have at least two (2) years of training that is acceptable to the Board or two (2) years of practical experience in wiring one-, two-, three- and four-family dwellings.


Apprentices must work under the supervision of a licensed electrician generally defined as one (1) licensed individual to three (3) apprentices at a jobsite. Apprentices must be registered with the Board, and must re-register each time they change employers.

FeesApplicationRegistrationExamLicense Renewal
Electrical Contractors $150.00 N/A $115.00 $120.00/2yr
Master Electrician N/A N/A $72.00 $48.00/2yr
Journeyman Electrician $50.00 N/A $72.00 $28.00/2yr
Residential Wireman $50.00 N/A $72.00 $28.00/2yr
Apprentice N/A $10.00 N/A N/A


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