Electrical Regulations by State - Delaware



Installations must conform to the 2005 National Electrical Code.


All inspections are performed by private inspection agencies approved by the state.


All contractors and electricians must be licensed by the state Board. Local jurisdictions may require additional licensing. Types of state licenses and qualifications for each are:

Master Electrician General

Applicants must present evidence of six (6) years practical experience, or four (4) years of schooling and two (2) years of practical experience, and must pass a written examination.

Master Electrician Limited

Applicants must present evidence of three (3) years practical experience, or two (2) years of schooling and one (1) year of practical experience, and must pass a written examination.

Limited Electrician

Limited to air conditioning, oil burners, signs, elevator and overhead and underground primary distribution systems, etc.

Limited Special Electrician

Residential wiring up to and including four-family dwellings.

FeesApplication*ExaminationLicense Renewal
Master Electrician $124.00 $60.00 **/yr
Master Special Electrician $124.00 $60.00 **/yr
Limited Special Electrician $124.00 $60.00 **/yr
Limited Electrician $67.00 $60.00 **/yr

*Rate is prorated from when you postmark or hand in form

** You are notified of how much the license renewal is when you receive the form to renew.


Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wyoming.

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