Electrical Regulations by State - Florida



Installations must conform to the latest edition of the National Electrical Code.


Enforcement agencies include local inspection and building departments, the State Fire Marshall, and the State Hotel and Restaurant Commission. The State Board of Electrical Examiners has enforcement powers where local jurisdictions do not exist.


All electrical contractors must be registered with the state unless they are certified. Registration permits the contractor to engage in contracting only in a particular area or municipality.

Electrical Contractor Registration – Applicants for registration shall file evidence of current occupational license or successful compliance with local examination and licensing requirements (if any) in the area for which registration is desired. No state level examination is required for registration. Licenses may be issued by registration or certification:


The applicant has taken and passed a local competency examination and can practice only within that locale.


The applicant has taken and passed the State Licensing examination and can practice throughout the State of Florida.

Electrical Contractor Certification

Contractors may obtain an optional state license from the State Electrical Licensing Board. Requirements include qualification of financial responsibility, acceptable credit, business reputation, proven education, substantiated experience, insurance coverage, and passing an examination. This optional state license entitles the holder to engage in electrical contracting in any municipality within the state without further examination. Municipalities may require the holder of a state license to purchase a local occupational license if the contractor maintains an office within that locality.

Continuing Education Requirements

Fourteen hours of Board approved continuing education is required each biennial prior to the renewal period for both certified and registered contractors. At least seven hours of which are on technical subjects; one hour on workers’ compensation; one hour on workplace safety; and one hour on business practices, and one hour of an advanced course. Multiple license holders are required to complete the continuing education requirements only once each biennium. Contractors, who are engaged in alarm system contracting, must take a two-hour false alarm prevention course, as a part of their continuing education.

Journeyman Electrician

There is no statewide journeyman license. Journeyman is licensed at local municipalities.

FeesRegistrationCertificationCertified Renewal*Registered Renewal*
Specialty Electrical Contractors N/A N/A $255.00/2yr $105.00/2yr
Electrical Contractors $105.00 $225.00 $225.00/2yr $105.00/2yr
Alarm Contractor I and II $105.00 $255.00 $255.00/2yr $105.00/2yr
Lighting Maintenance Specialty $105.00 $255.00 $255.00/2yr $105.00/2yr
Sign Specialty $105.00 $255.00 $255.00/2yr $105.00/2yr
Residential $105.00 $255.00 $255.00/2yr $105.00/2yr
Limited Energy 105.00 $255.00 $255.00/2yr $105.00/2yr
Utility Line $105.00 $255.00 $255.00/2yr $105.00/2yr

*Due by 8/31 of even-numbered years.

Application fees: $327.50 per form (there packages on the website)

Examinations: $67.50


Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina