Electrical Regulations by State - Vermont



Installations must conform to the latest edition of the National Electrical Code.


Industrial, commercial, institutional establishments and residential occupancies of four or more living units are inspected by the State Electrician’s Licensing Board.


Contractors and electricians must be licensed by the State Electrician’s Licensing Board. A “grandfather clause” and reciprocity are included. Types of licenses and qualifications for each are:

Master Electrician

Applicants must have held a journeyman electrician’s license for at least two years and pass a written and oral examination. Master electrician (electrical contractors) may employ others to perform work under their direction.

Journeyman Electrician

Applicants must have completed apprenticeship or equivalent training, and pass a written and oral examination. Journeymen must work under the direction of a master electrician and may supervise apprentices and helpers employed by the master.

Type "S" Journeyman

A person who is entitled to design, install, repair, maintain and replace electrical installations as an employee or an independent contractor only in connection with the specialty field designated on the person’s license, and may only install branch circuits from the existing electrical service.

Types of fields: (A1) Automatic gas or oil heating; (B2) Outdoor advertising; (C3) Refrigeration or air conditioning; (D4) Appliance and motor repairs; (E5) Well pumps; (F6) Farm Equipment; (G7) Any miscellaneous specified area of specialized competence.

The G7 class includes: (G7)c Commercial fire alarm systems (G7)g Gas pump installation and bulk plant work (G7)h 1 & 2 family dwellings household fire detection and alarm systems (electrical) (G7)k Electrical lock installation including delayed egress and access control (G7)l Lightning rod installation

Master Electrician $115.00 $45.00 $115.00/3yr
Journeyman Electrician $115.00 $45.00 $115.00/3yr
Type “S” Journeyman $115.00 $45.00 $115.00/3yr


Maine and New Hampshire.


Master Electricians and Journeymen need 15 hours of Code updates for license renewal.