Best Paying Electrician Jobs - by Industry

Needless to say that without electricians, in the modern age, we quite simply would not have industry. Electricians are responsible for bringing power into everything form the largest factories to the smallest homes. But there are many fields to choose from when deciding to be an electrician. Here are just a few of the highest paying.


Being an electrician means you can work on your own. 80 percent of all electricians are self-employed, or contractors, this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A 2006 survey shows that electricians working in the construction industry earn on average as much as $21 per hour. Remember, that’s just the average, which figures in the lower wages of the apprentice. Master electricians, the highest level, earn much more.

Local Government

Electricians employed by local governments, or municipalities, are responsible for keeping the power going to cities and towns. Other duties may include maintaining traffic lights as well as repairing any electrical issues in public buildings.

Electricians employed by local governments earn on average almost $24.00 per hour according to the 2006 survey.

Power Plants

Power generation, transmission, and distribution, these are the duties of the electrician who works for a power company like NRG or General Electric. Such tasks are very complex and can be very dangerous. Skill levels in this industry must therefore by of the ighest level.

Electricians working for major power companies in the 2006 survey were at the $26 per hour level on average and higher.

Automobile Industry

If you are lucky enough to find employment in the automobile industry, you’ll be doing quite well. These are typically union jobs and while there are dues and fees involved, salaries reflect the trade-off with higher wages.

In 2006, the average electrician working in the automobile industry earned almost $32.00 per hour.


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