Electrical Regulations by State

While the National Electrical Code is the resource most all agencies go by, it is not the law. Different regulations apply to different states. States which have statewide licensing requirements typically have a licensing board that issues licenses. It can also suspend or revoke these licenses.

This page is for information purposes only. These are merely summaries of electrical regulations broken down by state. For more details or to confirm the information, please contact your state's licensing agency directly. Contact information is provided at the end of each section.


flag-alaska2.png Alaska     

flag-arizona.png Arizona     

flag-arkansas.gif Arkansas     

flag-california.png California     

flag-colorado.png Colorado  

flag-connecticut.png Connecticut 

flag-delaware.png Delaware 

flag-florida.png Florida      

flag-georgia.png Georgia      

flag-hawaii.png Hawaii         

flag-idaho.png Idaho

flag-illinois2.png Illinois       

flag-indiana.png Indiana    

flag-iowa.png Iowa        

flag-kansas.png Kansas       

flag-kentucky.png Kentucky       

flag-louisiana.png Louisiana  

flag-main.png Maine        

flag-maryland.png Maryland 

flag-mass2.png Massachusetts  

flag-michigan.png Michigan 

flag-minnesota.png Minnesota      

flag-miss.png Mississippi  

flag-missouri.png Missouri     

flag-montana.png Montana  

flag-nebraska.png Nebraska       

flag-nevada.png Nevada   

flag-new.hampshire.png New Hampshire     

flag-new.jersey.png New Jersey    

flag-new.mexico.png New Mexico

flag-new.york.png New York 

flag-north.carolina.png North Carolina 

flag-north.dakota.png North Dakota  

flag-ohio.png Ohio     

flag-oklahoma.png Oklahoma  

flag-oregon.png Oregon      

flag-penn.png Pennsylvania 

flag-rhodeisland.png Rhode Island

flag-s.carolina.png South Carolina 

flag.south.dakota.jpg South Dakota   

flag-tenn.png Tennessee  

flag-texas.png Texas        

flag-utah.png Utah            

flag-vermont.png Vermont      

flag-virginia.png Virginia          

flag-washington.png Washington     

flag-w.virginia.png West Virginia  

flag-wisconsin.png Wisconsin     

flag-wyoming.png Wyoming


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