Best Companies to Work for - Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers work in literally hundreds of different industries. While 40 percent of all mechanical engineers work in the manufacturing sector, you’d be surprised at the wide array of fields open to mechanical engineers these days, everything from Hollywood to outer space. Come check this great list we put together of some of the best companies to work for if you’re a mechanical engineers.


Working for NASA still remains one of the most fascinating and sought after gigs for mechanical engineers of all types. Working for NASA means not only interacting with all the newest and latest technologies, but having NASA on your resume can only help your career.


No surprise here. Who wouldn’t want to work for Google, a company that is well on its way to becoming the first ever trillion-dollar company? But working for Google is much more than just getting paid top wages, it’s a chance to work with the largest and most technologically advanced computer systems in the world. Best part: Google doesn’t buy its hardware, it makes it from scratch.


Apple isn’t just the biggest company in the world (by market value), it’s also right there on the cutting edge of new technologies. Apple makes the trends and invents the devices that change the world, like the iPhone and the iPad. For mechanical engineers, Apple is right up there at the top when it comes to prestige jobs.


Lockheed Martin leads the way when it comes to the manufacturing of military equipment. The company manufactures such items for the military as combat gear, radar systems, aircraft, and missiles. Mechanical engineers as Lockheed Martin not only develop new military systems, they develop and test them as well.


Bill gates may have retired, but Microsoft keeps moving forward nonetheless. Microsoft, just like Google, is always in need of new computer hardware that just cannot be bought on the open market. The company designs and develops its own systems and thus is always in need of good mechanical engineers.


GE Aviation manufactures engines for both military and commercial aircraft. One of the oldest technology companies in the country, it’s still one of the largest and one of the best to work for. GE also has large interests in the energy industry, designing, developing and manufacturing cutting-edge turbines that still lead the way in power production.


If you’ve ever thought about working for the government, the Dept. of Energy is a great place to work when it comes to mechanical engineering. While the government itself is not involved with the development and manufacturing of new energy systems, it still plays a vital role when it comes to identifying which systems are best and in which industries.


Yes, mechanical engineers work in Hollywood as well. The entertainment industry, while by no means the largest employer of mechanical engineers, is still consistently one of the highest paying. Working for the Walt Disney Corporation also means the chance to work at one of their many theme parks, designing and developing new innovations such as rides and even spectacular projects like the Epcot Center.


After more than a hundred years, Ford Motors is still an attractive place to work for engineers of all kinds, including mechanical engineers. Ford is always developing new technologies to keep up with the times and mechanical engineers pay a vital role in this application.


While Boeing has been around for years, it’s still one of the most innovative and technologically advanced aerospace corporations in the world. Along with Airbus, it’s also just one of two major manufacturers for the airline industry. Getting a job with Boeing in the mechanical engineering department means being right there where new aerospace innovations are born.


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