Entry Level Jobs for Petroleum Engineers: Best Companies

petroleum.engineer.004.jpgIf you’re just getting into the industry, it’s good to know which companies regularly hire entry level petroleum engineers. These are companies which are consistently expanding operations and in need of someone to assess whether or not new areas of exploration are viable both production and finically-wise.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for petroleum engineers is estimated at 26 percent, well above the national average of just 11 percent. Because of increased job growth, entry level petroleum engineers are in high demand today. Companies consistently hiring petroleum engineers include:

Exxon Mobil

As the world’s largest oil and gas company, Exxon Mobil leads the pack in the exploration of hydrocarbons like oil and natural gas. Exxon Mobil is also a leader in the areas of refining and chemicals.

Because the company is a major player in the areas of conventional & heavy oil, shale gas, liquefied natural gas, deep water drilling, and Arctic and sour gas projects, it is always on lookout for good petroleum engineers. As such, it is also one of the biggest employers for these entry-level positions.


One of the major players as well, Occidental Oil and Gas has operations for oil exploration and production all over the world, including the US, the Middle East, and Latin American markets. The company utilizes cutting-edge technologies for the exploration and retrieval of natural resources from new and existing fields.
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Shell Oil

Along with Exxon Mobil, Shell is one of the world’s largest oil companies with operations in 70 countries. Shell is a major player in upstream operations along the American Gulf Coast and even has new operations in the Arctic.

As a major player, Shell is always in the process of exploring new fields. Shell is one of the biggest hirers of both experienced and entry-level petroleum engineers.

Conoco Phillips

Conoco Phillips has operations in more than 30 countries and is one of the world’s major players as well.


While also one of the world’s largest hydrocarbon exploration and production companies, Chevron also is highly involved in the integrated energy market. This means that the company is also invested in the generation and production of energy as well.

As such, Chevron not only has entry-level positions in the oil and gas industry for petroleum engineers but in the energy sector as well. Chevron has been a leader in the industry when it comes to environmental concerns as well.

Moving forward

All these companies offer two basic types of entry-level positions for petroleum engineers. If you are not yet qualified in the field, in onsite operations, but are on your way to getting your degree then you can apply for internship positions. An intern position can last anywhere from 10-12 weeks in the areas of project development, research, and development.

If you have completed your education, on the other hand, then you can look for entry-level positions in drilling, production, reservoir, and simulation engineering. All of these positions require on the job training under the guidance of a senior engineer.

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