10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Plumber


These days, getting a job in the trades is a great idea. Most trades do not require a college education and salaries have never been higher. Of all the trades, plumbing is right there at the top. Here are 10 great reasons why you should become a plumber.

Great pay

Plumbers are right up there with electricians when it comes to the highest paid tradesmen in the business. A journeyman plumber can make upwards of $40,000 per year on average, and a lot more in significant markets and industries.

Earn while you learn

Unlike going to college, where you have to pay for the privilege, becoming a plumber means getting paid from the very beginning, even in the apprenticeship stage. While salaries are not high for an apprentice, still it pays on average twice minimum wage.

Climbing the ladder

Like with many trades, putting in your time means moving up the ladder of success. Once you move from apprentice to journeyman, your wages increase significantly. If you make it to master plumber, that means possibly better than $100,000 a year, or even owning you own business.

Change of scenery

Hate the thought of staring at the same four walls for the rest of your life. Being a plumber means never having to stay in the same place too long. Plumbers move around a lot (hence the term Journeyman), and some jobs, the really good, paying ones, can mean work overseas in foreign countries.

Making contacts

Moving around so much means more than just a change of scenery, it means making contacts, and lots of them. The more contacts you make, the better job prospects you have. Changing industries now and then also means you will not be as affected by industry ups and downs as other professions.

Great demographics

The time is right for becoming a plumber. Not only is there a huge gap in the manufacturing jobs base, because of the baby boomers more and more experienced plumbers are now retiring. Now is the time to take advantage of the laws of supply and demand which means better wages for you.

Great benefits

Working as a plumber means having a good job with a good company. Most of these types of business provide excellent benefits packages, and if you find yourself working as a union plumber you can expect these benefits to be even greater.

Job security

A plumber is responsible not just for creating new jobs, but repairing and maintaining old ones as well. When one side of industry is down, another is on the rise. If industrial jobs are waning, plumbers can find plenty of work in a residential setting. Rates are usually the same and pay remains strong.

Pride in what you do

Plumbers help people fix important problems. If a pipe breaks in someone’s house, it’s the job of a plumber to make things right. And don’t think this doesn’t go unappreciated. A good plumber can save the average homeowner a fortune in repairs by stopping a problem dead in its tracks, at the same time making a good wage.

Job satisfaction

Being a plumber is not just any trade. It’s highly skilled work that can be very rewarding both financially and emotionally. Being a plumber means holding your head up high.

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