5 Necessary Job Skills for a Rigger


Being a skilled rigger means having skill sets well beyond basic rigging activities. In fact, being a successful rigger means not only having these skills but being able to employ them simultaneously at times. Here is a short list of related skills that help a rigger become successful.

Communication skills

A rigger must have excellent hand signaling skills. In fact, it is through the use of hand signals that a rigger mainly communicates with operators and his fellow riggers. On top of that, a  rigger must be well versed in verbal communications as well. This means getting through to not just other riggers but operators and supervisors as well.

Inspection skills

Of course a rigger must be able to inspect rigging equipment on a day to day basis. But good inspecting skills means having the ability to inspect even non-rigging equipment, materials, even structures he may come into contact with on the job. If it is part of the job, the rigger must be able to make sure it passes inspection.

Decision and inspection of skills

Being a successful rigger means not just having a wealth of information in your head, but knowing how to use it. It means being able to make snap decisions, and the right ones. A rigger must be able to identify loads, actions, and events through categorizing, estimating, and detecting similarities or differences, and recognizing changes in existing situations.

Operation of equipment skills

When you’re a rigger you’re expected to know how to operate not just equipment related to your job, but any equipment that may be on the jobsite as well. This means knowing how to drive all sorts of different trucks, forklifts, any vehicle that may be on the job. In marine situations this may mean the ability to operate boats or barges.

Climate conditions

Being a rigger means working outside in the harsh elements. That can mean the sweltering heat for the freezing cold. Either way, a good rigger needs to be able to acclimate to the weather. Whether this means added or reduced safety equipment, a rigger is expected to do his job equally well no matter what the weather conditions.


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