Becoming an API Qualified Rigger

api.jpgThe American Petroleum Institute publishes Recommended Practice 2D: Recommended Practice for Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes. The publication contains sections on recommended training for qualified riggers. The following is a brief summary of recommended practices from the API. Be aware that while the practices are only recommendations, they are mandated in training for both the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and The US Coast Guard.

What it means to be a qualified rigger?

According to the API, the definition of a Rigger is someone who attaches or detaches lifting equipment to loads or lifting devices. Accidents and injuries can occur as a result of poor training and workplace practices, therefore quality training is imperative to ensure crane safety.

To become a qualified API rigger you must complete the API training program that complies with Appendix A3 of API RP 2D. Minimum training requirements must also comply with those in the recommended practice. A qualified rigger must also complete course updates when required.

What the recommended practice requires

The API requires that rigger training be performed in a classroom setting. It must come with an examination as well as hands-on applications. Both are necessary to assess the student’s applied knowledge. The hands-on portion of the training must include instruction in the proper inspection, use, and maintenance of rigging equipment such as slings, shackles, and hooks.

Appendix A3 is divided into:

  • Rigging hardware 
  • Rigging slings 
  • Rigging Procedures and Precautions 
  • Rigging Basics

How often must the course be updated?

To maintain qualification, the rigger must take a refresher course at least every four years. Failure to do so, or a disabling medical condition, will cause the rigger to be disqualified.

Where can training be done?

Most crane academies and operator networks can provide the necessary API training. 


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