5 Reason Why You Should Become an Oil Rig Welder

osshore-workers.jpgSkilled trades are in high demand these days and for those who have the skills, wages are oftentimes higher than for those with college degrees. Welders are one of the best examples where some are making in excess of $100,000, even $150,000. One of the highest paying fields is for that of the offshore oil rig welder.

Not only is it one of the highest-paying gigs, it’s one of the most exciting too. Working on an oil rig, while hard work, can lead to international assignments like Brazil, Malta, even Singapore. While you do spend the majority of your time working, overtime is plentiful and the time you do get off can be spent in some of these exotic places. Here are 5 reasons why you would want to be a welder on an offshore rig.

1. Excitement

If you’ve never worked on an offshore rig, you’re in for a real change of pace. An offshore rig is like it’s own little city. You will meet people from all over the places, from all walks of life. It definitely beats working in the same old fabrication shop day after day, doing the same tasks.

2. Interesting work

When it comes right down to it, welding is just welding. But the scope of the project involved, being a part of a multi-million project for a huge company, that’s where it gets exciting. Knowing that you’re part of something that’s bigger than yourself, there’s really nothing else like it.

3. Wages

OK, now we get down to the brass tax. While the average welder is earning around $50K these days, an average offshore welder is making closer to $62K. And that’s just the average. Those welders with the experience are pulling in over $100K per year easy. With overtime, these rates skyrocket.

4. Job Security

While so many manufacturing jobs have moved overseas, offshore drilling is still expanding. Better yet, so many international and even American companies are now working in the waters off of foreign coasts that there are more jobs than there are skilled welders to do them. Job security in this field is high and expected to stay such for the foreseeable future.

5. Travel

While you’re not on a cruise ship, still you will have the option of seeing then world. In fact, those people who work on cruise ships probably see less of their ports of call than you will as an offshore welder. And one more thing is true: they’re not making near the money you are. Offshore drilling occurs everywhere, in every ocean, and with job openings so plentiful, oftentimes you get to choose the locale.

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