Electrical Formulas

Subject Description Excel™ PDF
Arc Blast Calculator Spreadsheet to calculate Arc Blast in accordance with NFPA 70E Download
Fault Current Electrical Plan Review: Calculations Answer Sheet Download
Fault Current Electrical Plan Review: Manual Inside Download
Fault Current Electrical Plan Review: Cover and Diagram Download
Fault Current Calculator: Point-to-Point Method by John Sokolik Download
FIPS 94 - Electrical Power for Computer Installations This is excellent publication (1-23-99) Download
kVar Calculator
[ Link ]
Manachos Engineering's Calculator for design and construction of electromechanical projects
Capacitor kVAR Calculator Spreadsheet to determine capacitor kVAR required to improve power factor (PF). Download
Software [ Link ] Flashworks - Electrical Service Load Calculations including: Panel Sizing & Balancing, Conductor & Conduit Sizing, Short Circuit Calculation, and Voltage Drop Calculations for both Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings
Residential Load Calculations Dwelling Unit Download
Touch Potential 2-Wire Circuit Open Neutral 2-Wire Circuits Download
Touch Potential 3-Wire Circuit Open Neutral 3-Wire Circuits Download
Wiring and Raceway Chart Just view and print! Download


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