asme-logo-2.pngFounded in 1880, the ASME is a non-profit professional association geared toward the advancement of engineering disciplines across all fields. The ASME specializes in codes and standards used globally by government agencies at every level. While not law, ASME codes are considered widely to be the gold standard.

The ASME relies on more than 4700 volunteers worldwide to help develop these standards and codes, everyone from scientists, government officials, and of course engineers. As a result, more than 00 countries around the world rely on the information contained in these books.

What's New from the ASME


Pre-ordering has begin for the 2015 ASME BPVC. Included in the complete set are all 12 sections plus code cases. The BPVC is THE authority when it comes to the design, fabrication, and insoection of pressure vessels and boilers. The codes include nuclear-powered systems as well. See the Complete Set

Of course, for all you needing to get your library updated, we still offer the 2013 ASEM BPVC code books, everything from Ferrous Material Specifications to Rules for Construction. We've got the complete set, or volumes divided by sections and divisions. Come check out the 2013 ASME BPVC.


The 2015 U-UM certifications are now in. Everything from Ferrous and Nonferrous Material Specifications to Nondestructiove Examination. Get the complete set. See more 2015 ASME Certifications including the U2, U3, UD, UV, UV3, and more.


More ASME Code books