The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors iks an organization comprised of chief boiler and pressure vessel inspectors. they represent governments at all levels including cities and states. Over the last ten years alone more than 6 million pressure equipment inspections were performed in North America alone.

The NBBI was founded in 1919 to promote safety in an industry that was riddled with accidents. National Board members come from all areas of the country and even help to inform government officials as to the new safety standards. This American National Standard has been adopted by most states and cities, all Canadian provinces, and federal regulatory agencies including the US Department of Transportation.

What's New from the NBBI

Preordering has begun for the 2015 NBIC (National Board insoection Code). The code's purpose is to maintain integrity and safety standards in the industry. The first NBIC was published back in 1945 as a then guide for chief inspectors. The NBIC is comprised of experts in the industry from all parts of North America: cities, states, and Canadian provinces. See more about the 2015 NBIC.



The 2013 NBIC are also still available.
The publication comes as a set in 3 parts. See more about the 2013 NBIC.



2011 NBIC: National Board Inspection Code 

See the 2011 NBIC as well.