Fire Pump Arrangements at Industrial Facilities 3rd Edition



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Fire Pump Arrangements at Industrial Facilities, Third Edition delivers a practical reference from an author with a successful professional career in fire protection and loss prevention engineering in the oil and gas industry.

While most regulatory standards are left to interpretation and try to cover multiple industries in one location, this book focuses on the equipment, standards and operations specific to the petroleum industry, covering quality controls, pump drivers and scheduled maintenance and audits so the equipment remains in safety compliance.

Enhanced with new sections on human factors, case studies for modeling fire accidents and a look at recent events that have further shaped the safety and testing of fire pumps, the book provides the engineer and manager with a critical oil and gas resource for every aspect of firewater pumps. 

Key Features

  • Remains the go-to reference for loss prevention specialists and fire engineering specific to the oil and gas industry
  • Enhanced with new sections on quality audits and new case studies that evaluate operational issues and applications
  • Fills in the practical hands-on information gap not covered in the regulatory standards


Fire protection engineers, process safety engineers, loss prevention professionals, and safety professionals specific to the oil and gas industry


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Ch 1: Historical Applications of Firewater Pumping Systems
Ch 2: Philosophy of Protection
Ch 3: Firewater Flow Requirements
Ch 4: Duration of Firewater Supplies
Ch 5: Sources of Firewater Pump Supply
Ch 6: Pump Types and Applications
Ch 7: Pump Installation, Piping Arrangements and Accessories
Ch 8: Materials of Construction
Ch 9: Pump Drivers and Power Transmissions
Ch 10: Firewater Pump Controllers
Ch 11: Reliability
Ch 12: Classified Area Pump Installations
Ch 13: Firewater Pump Acceptance and Flow Testing
Ch 14: Human Factors, Quality Controls, and Audits
Ch 15: Recent Major Incidents which Fire Pump Failures were Contributing Causes
Ch 16: International Standards Related to Fire Pumps