M1 Residential Mechanical Inspector QuickPass Study Guide Based on 2015 IRC



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PLEASE NOTE:This CD-ROM is compatible with Windows only. Mac users must have a Windows emulator to use this program.

Practice Exams for the International Code Council ICC Inspector Certification Exam®

This comprehensive study guide plus CD-ROM is designed to help students pass the ICC® Residential Mechanical Inspector Certification Exam (M1) based on the 2015 ICC® International Residential Code.

With the QuickPass, you will LEARN what you need to know to PASS the exam!

Over 400 unique practice questions! This study guide tests your knowledge with over 400 questions from all areas covered in the ICC® M1 Certification Exam.

12 Subject and Code Section specific exams! This study guide divides the exams by ICC® IRC® chapters, allowing you to focus on specific sections to fill in your knowledge gaps.

Includes referenced code sections! Referenced code numbers and referenced code sections provided below each question allow you to study the IRC® code while practicing for the exam.

Interactive CD-ROM! The QuickPass CD-ROM allows you to study in a variety of ways: study mode, exam mode by chapter and exam mode random (timed and untimed) to help you excel in your exam.


  • Exam 1. Chapter 12: Mechanical Administration
  • Exam 2. Chapter 13: General Mechanical System Requirements
  • Exam 3. Chapter 14: Heating and Cooling Equipment and Appliances
  • Exam 4. Chapter 15: Exhaust Systems
  • Exam 5. Chapter 16: Duct Systems
  • Exam 6. Chapter 17: Combustion Air
  • Exam 7. Chapter 18: Chimneys and Vents
  • Exam 8. Chapter 19: Special Appliances, Equipment and Systems
  • Exam 9. Chapter 20: Boilers and Water Heaters
  • Exam 10. Chapter 21: Hydronic Piping
  • Exam 11. Chapter 22: Special Piping and Storage Systems
  • Exam 12. Chapter 23: Solar Thermal Energy Systems