NCIDQ® IDPX Sample Questions and Practice Exam (IDPFPX)



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NCIDQ IDPX Sample Questions and Practice Exam contains 275 exam-like, multiple-choice questions that will help you pass the Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX).


Simplified IDPX Preparation

NCIDQ IDPX Sample Questions and Practice Exam offers IDPX review questions organized into two parts:

  • The first part includes 100 sample questions that cover the eight content areas of the exam.
  • The second part consists of a 175-question practice exam that is consistent with the exam’s content areas, format, and level of difficulty.

Detailed answers are included for all sample and practice exam questions.

Use This Book To


  • Increase your familiarity with exam content areas by solving the sample questions.
  • Assess your exam-readiness by taking the practice exam within the same four-hour time limit as the exam.
  • Understand question-solving rationale by reviewing the included answers for all questions.

 Exam Content Areas Covered


  • Building Systems and Construction
  • Documentation and Contract Administration
  • Project Coordination
  • Code Requirements, Laws, Standards, Regulations, Accessibility, and Sustainability
  • Ethics and Business Practices


  • Selection, Specification, Use, and Care of FF&E, Interior Finishes, Materials, and Lighting
  • Construction Drawings, Schedules, and Specifications
  • Programmatic Information