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Develop an effective green home building business with the NAHB Research Center's resident expert, Jeannie Leggett Sikora. She has combed through hundreds of annual contest entries and talked with past award winners to develop specific examples and tried-and-true techniques to give home builders the inside track to create successful green building practices, from choosing building products through marketing energy efficient houses. Also includes a complete chapter on ideas for marketing energy-and resource-efficient homes.

Here you'll find information on planning an energy- and resource-efficient design, how to build with energy- and resource efficient construction, and how to market your homes as energy-efficient. Emphasis is on technique: How to minimize building loads, improve indoor air quality, and maximize solar energy use. Explains alternative wall systems, insulation techniques, duct design, window selection, lighting alternatives, HVAC energy solutions, solar water heater and heat recovery ventilation. You find new and unique solutions to job site waste as well as learn the truth on cutting edge technologies that you can offer your customers.

Also includes a complete chapter on ideas for marketing energy-and resource-efficient homes.


List of Figures, vii

About the NAHB Research Center, ix

About the Author, xi

Acknowledgments, xiii

Introduction, 1
Energy- and Resource-Efficient Design, 3
Energy-Efficient Building Systems, 3
Energy- and Resource-Efficient Construction, 3
Marketing Energy- and Resource-Efficient Homes, 4
Using the Guide, 4

1. Energy- and Resource-Efficient Design, 5
Minimizing Building Loads, 6
Indoor Air Quality, 6
Maximizing Solar Energy Use, 8
Energy-Efficient Landscaping, 10

2. Energy-Efficient Building Systems, 13
Alternative Wall Systems, 14
Advanced Framing Techniques, 14
Structural Insulated Panels, 16
Insulating Concrete Forms, 17
Double 2x4 Wall, 18
Prefabricated Walls, 19
Raised-Heel Roof Truss, 20
Insulation, 21
Batt Insulation, 22
Cellulose Insulation, 23
Spray Foam Insulation, 24
Insulating Sheathing, 25
Radiant Barrier Roof Sheathing, 26
Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations, 27
Duct Design, 28
Window Selection, 31
NFRC Rating, 31
U- Factor, 31
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, 31
Low- E Coating, 32
Inert Gas-Filled Windows, 32
Visible Transmittance, 32
Air Infiltration Rate, 33
Lighting, 33
Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, 34
Sealed-Combustion Appliances, 34
High-Efficiency Cooling Systems, 35
Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems, 37
Solar Water Heating, 38
High-Efficiency Appliances, 39
Heat Recovery Ventilation, 41

3. Energy- and Resource-Efficient Construction, 43
Working with Trade Contractors, 43
Implementing Energy Efficiency in Production Homes, 44
Air Sealing, 46
Airtight Drywall Approach, 47
Insulating and Sealing Ductwork, 48
Waste Management, 49
Jobsite Waste Reduction, 49
Recycled-Content Building Materials, 50
Panelized Wall Construction, 50
Reducing In-Home Waste, 51

4. Cutting-Edge Technologies, 53
Photovoltaic Roofing Products, 53
Fuel Cells, 55

5. Marketing Energy- and Resource-Efficient Homes, 57
Educating Customers and Sales Professionals, 57
Walk- Throughs, 58
Training Sessions, 59
Publications, 59
Advertising, 60
Internet/CD Marketing, 61
Free Publicity, 61
Energy Performance Guarantees, 62
Financing and Energy Efficiency Mortgages, 63
Partnerships for Energy Efficiency, 65
Demonstrating Energy Efficiency through Diagnostic Testing, 68

Conclusion, 71

Appendix A, EVHA Notables, 73

Appendix B, Green Building Resources, 81
Organizations, 81
Books, 83
Magazines, Journals, and Newsletters, 85

Appendix C, Glossary, 87