Pump Characteristics and Applications, Third Edition



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  • Offers a practical, thoroughly updated, and understandable introduction to pumps
  • Includes nine new case studies to show field experience aspects of pump and systems work
  • Features a new art program with full-color illustrations and diagrams throughout the book
  • Provides a concise overview of pump and system hydraulics, with minimal mathematics
  • Shows the interrelated aspects of pump and pump systems topics


Providing a wealth of information on pumps and pump systems, Pump Characteristics and Applications, Third Edition details how pump equipment is selected, sized, operated, maintained, and repaired. The book identifies the key components of pumps and pump accessories, introduces the basics of pump and system hydraulics as well as more advanced hydraulic topics, and details various pump types, as well as special materials on seals, motors, variable frequency drives, and other pump-related subjects. It uses example problems throughout the text, reinforcing the practical application of the formulae and analytical presentations. It also includes new images highlighting the latest generation of pumps and other components, explores troubleshooting options, and incorporates relevant additions into the existing chapters.


What’s New in This Edition:


    • Includes more than 150 full-color images which significantly improve the reader’s ability to understand pump drawings and curves


    • Introduces a new chapter on pump case studies in a format that provides case study background, analysis, solutions, and lessons learned


    • Presents important new updates and additions to other chapters


    • Includes a ten-step procedure for determining total pump head


    • Discusses allowable and preferred operating ranges for centrifugal pumps


    • Provides charts covering maximum and normally attainable pump efficiencies, performance corrections for slurry pumps, and mechanical seal flush plans

Pump Characteristics and Applications, Third Edition is appropriate for readers with all levels of technical experience, including engineering and pump industry professionals, pump operators and maintenance technicians, upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical engineering, and students in engineering technology programs.